Managed IT services
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Strategic support for infrastructure, security, software development, quality assurance, and maintenance functions delivered by a specialized IT partner.
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Develop future-proof digital strategies
Quickly build entire technology support teams
Improve your control over costs and performance
Share operational risks with your IT service provider
Augment your in-house teams with access to global IT talent
Modernize your security and safeguard your customers’ sensitive data

Ensure strong IT foundations for your organization

Make the most of your technology budget with a broad scope of efficient information technology solutions we carefully tailor to individual client’s business needs.

Our managed IT services include:

Cloud and infrastructure management

Leverage the benefits of modern infrastructure regardless of whether you use cloud computing or mainframes. Modernize your underlying technologies, migrate data and applications, and optimize infrastructure performance with improved observability and reliability guaranteed by the platform engineering approach.

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Quality assurance

Even if there is no such thing as bug-free software, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. Leverage our consultants’ knowledge, problem-solving skills, and broad experience in manual testing and test automation to quickly fix the most significant pain points and steadily improve the overall quality of your digital products.

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Application maintenance

Modern applications typically use cloud services and rely on external frameworks and libraries. All such software must be continuously kept up-to-date to remain relevant (or even functional). Fortunately, maintaining software can be easily outsourced in order to save your internal IT team time and let them focus on building new features.

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Support services

Professional remote support capable of providing technical assistance across different operating systems and cloud providers enables swift incident response and issue resolution. With a proactive approach, automated alerts, and a focus on user experience, our help desk specialists provide tangible value to clients while enabling significant cost savings.

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SRE as a service

Site Reliability Engineering allows companies to integrate operations, development, security, and quality assurance in order to build more reliable systems. As a managed SRE service provider, we support client organizations in implementing SRE’s best practices, enhancing infrastructure performance, optimizing cloud costs, and improving time-to-market.

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Security and compliance

With cyber threats on the rise, security has become a significant consideration. Considering the talent shortage in IT, outsourcing cybersecurity services is a convenient alternative to building an in-house team. Our experts proactively identify threats, discover bottlenecks in processes, build information risk management strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Employees performing repeatable tasks are prone to making mistakes that could be avoided with automation. Although recruiting an entire in-house automation team may prove difficult, partnering with a third-party contractor experienced in automating processes across various industries will streamline the implementation and bring results quickly.

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Artificial intelligence

Today, AI can easily identify trends, patterns, and correlations within datasets that are too complex for humans to navigate. AI/ML capabilities are used to streamline automation, enhance customer engagement, and improve productivity. With Maxima Consulting, your organization can access AI expertise in a cost-efficient managed services model.

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Custom software development

Build cloud-native applications from scratch with a trusted partner who focuses on customer value and service quality. Enjoy efficient project management, predictable pricing, and commitment to best practices in modern programming. Maxima Consulting’s developers provide client companies with thoroughly tested, secure software that users adore.

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Tailor-made technology services

As managed IT service providers for over 30 years, we understand that businesses require unique solutions to address their complex requirements. For us, projects start with industry research and a thorough assessment of the organization’s needs. Based on particular conditions, we provide tailored services to enable growth and stability.

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Clients’ success stories

Discover genuine use cases of our managed IT services and the many benefits our clients have enjoyed by leveraging our expertise.

Security administration

One of the world’s largest asset management institutions asked Maxima Consulting to create a new cybersecurity support team of 30+ multilingual IT consultants in Poland as part of their global hub strategy. Our access to a global talent pool enabled us to deliver in record time.

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Global infrastructure maintenance and support

For over 10 years, Maxima’s expert team was responsible for 24/7/365 maintenance and support of a critical database for a global asset management and financial services institution.

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“Once again, I very much appreciate the role you and your organization played in the successful startup of a security help desk in Poland in 2018.”
Vice President at a major bank
“Your hard work and dedication have made us one of the best teams in the company.”
Senior VP at a major financial services organization
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Achieving excellence through transparency and commitment

Maxima Consulting has evolved into our clients’ trusted global IT solutions partner by continuously delivering business value and future-proof innovation. Our experts focus on building client confidence through availability and observability. As a people-centric organization, we strive to empower them to perform efficiently and provide a world-class client experience.

Top benefits we bring to your organization

Strong governance

Enjoy remote monitoring and management support on every level with our expert client experience team.

Anywhere operations

Explore our nearshore and offshore outsourcing capabilities to find the perfect balance for your company.

Network of experts

Take advantage of our global operations and easily find the best IT talent worldwide.

Strategic approach

Build your strategy upon in-depth research and valuable insights our consultants bring to the table.

Flexibility and sustainability

Scale operations up and down according to a service-level agreement and remain competitive.

Domain and industry knowledge

Access niche expertise and work with professionals with hands-on experience within your field.

discover our processes

Three steps to greater efficiency


Getting to know each other

What happens: In 24 hours after you contact us for the first time, our consultant will schedule an initial meeting to learn about your company and your project.

What do you get:

  • supportive and knowledgeable consultant acting as your one point of contact
  • initial assessment based on our expert insights

Managed services tailored to your needs

What happens: Our experts research your organization’s unique situation, industry standards, and market trends to design a tailor-fit managed IT services solution.

What do you get:

  • comprehensive solution based on independent research and global experience
  • additional future-oriented suggestions to include in your IT strategy

Continuous delivery and optimization

What happens: Our IT specialists provide their IT expertise to you in the form of a managed service. You get to scale their involvement up and down to address your changing requirements.

What do you get:

  • a cost-effective team of managed IT services experts focused on delivering value
  • excellent monitoring capabilities and simple remote management tools
  • preferential access to other managed services we provide

Delivering value at scale

In 30 years of working with various organizations, from startups to large corporations, we learned that in managed services, there is no such thing as a one-fits-all approach. All our solutions are designed from independent building blocks to enable exceptional customizability for institutions with whom we partner.

From infrastructure and cloud services through user help desk and cybersecurity to professional services automation, being able to pick and choose services and tools you really need improves your profit margins and competitive edge against other organizations in your field.


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Managed IT services FAQ

Discover how Maxima Consulting compares against other organizations and learn more about the managed services we provide.

What are managed IT services?
Managed IT services is the arrangement where businesses and institutions outsource part or all of their information technology tasks to a third-party vendor. Common services delivered that way include external management of a security program, various infrastructure and cloud services, quality assurance tasks, as well as support and maintenance projects.
That said, many other initiatives can be performed by partnering with a managed services provider.
What does a managed IT provider do?
Usually, a managed services provider has a responsibility to build dedicated teams to take care of agreed-upon IT tasks. Then, the vendor is responsible for continuously delivering on these assignments, optimizing operations, and proposing improvements.
At Maxima Consulting, we deliver such service as an indefinite nearshore and/or offshore outsourcing solution or as a comprehensive talent acquisition program in Contract to Hire or Build-Operate-Transfer models.
How to choose the right types of managed IT services for your company?
There are two primary reasons why companies decide to work with IT vendors:
Lack of talent. Third-party vendors of IT services are specialized companies with tech and recruitment experts on board and established access to global talent networks. Managed IT service providers often can build entire remote teams ready to take over your infrastructure management or design and implement a security program in record time.
Cost savings. Generally speaking, outsourcing IT to a specialized service provider leads to a significant increase in the cost-efficiency of IT teams. However, balancing costs and performance is crucial to remain competitive and satisfy customer demands.
What are the top benefits of managed IT services?
The advantages companies get from working with an external IT partner vary depending on the type of service. For example:
In managed security services, the primary benefit is quick access to top security experts who can thoroughly analyze the organization’s current security posture.
These professionals perform data-driven research and build an actionable plan to improve data safety, implement better monitoring and management tactics that facilitate security, and introduce other tools suitable to the circumstances unique to the company. Read more about managed security.
In managed cloud services, clients get to free their full-time employees from many infrastructure tasks and let them focus on what’s truly important for their business while reducing ownership costs without sacrificing system performance. Read more about our cloud solutions.
At Maxima Consulting, we have hands-on experience with all types of cloud and hybrid infrastructure models, including giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, as well as specialized cloud providers like IBM and Oracle.
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