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Maxima Consulting’s experience in the insurance industry enables us to adjust our digital solutions to our client’s individual needs. Our consultants specializing in custom software development, workflow automation, data analytics, and systems integration are well-prepared to deal with industry-specific requirements.

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of consumers in China and India are willing to share their behavioral data with insurers in exchange for better rates 1
of consumers in the UK are willing to contact their insurer for a claim via chatbot 2
- cyber insurance market size worldwide forecasted for 2025 3

IT solutions for the insurance industry

Cloud solutions

Traditional infrastructures limit the extent to which insurance companies can benefit from state-of-the-art technology. Maxima’s expert consultants support organizations with their extensive experience in cloud adoption and migration from legacy systems.

Mobile apps development

Mobile applications make insurance accessible and convenient for users. Our experienced software engineers will develop your insurance app from scratch and leverage mobile payments, geolocation, and push notifications to improve user experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Increasingly popular smart devices come in all shapes and forms. With the support from Maxima’s IoT experts, the data they collect in real-time will support your agents in creating individual insurance cases and offering accurate and flexible rates for your clients.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions

ERP systems allow insurance companies to store vast volumes of data and process them in search of valuable insights. Maxima’s consultants are experienced in customizing such solutions, implementing centralized databases, and improving data management for our clients.

Data warehousing

Secure and accessible cloud-based data storage systems enable insurance companies to remotely accumulate, store, and process varying amounts of data without major investments. Our experts will design and manage these solutions, so your teams can focus on crucial parts of your business.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects

Automation projects introduce mechanical precision that reduces the number of human-made errors. Meanwhile, automating repetitive, menial work frees your employees’ valuable time, so they can concentrate on tasks that genuinely demand human creativity and reasoning.

Claims Management Software

Solutions that automate claims processing, improve teamwork, and accelerate critical user data analysis can significantly support your staff in delivering quality customer experience. Our CMS specialists are experienced in tailoring this software to individual companies’ needs.

Risk management solutions

Acquiring, storing, and managing client data quickly and accurately is easier with specialized AI-based software. Maxima’s AI experts have substantial experience building complex algorithms that support individual risk assessment based on particular client cases.

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Belgium to the Netherlands: Workflow and operations efficiency

A client from the Netherlands active in retail, direct, commercial, investment, wholesale, and private banking, as well as asset management and insurance services, asked for our help in improving the integration with their Belgian division.

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Initial assessment

Within 24 hours of receiving your message, our advisor from a local office contacts you to set up a meeting. During this introductory consultation, our experts with insurance industry backgrounds inquire about the specifics of your project.

Request for proposal

Our consultants examine your requirements, analyze potential challenges, and research your competition to create a tailored, future-proof solution that meets your business objectives and enables your continuous growth.

Delivery and optimization

Our consultants begin working on your project, and a dedicated account manager serves as your point of contact. Focused on maximizing your value, we continuously seek opportunities for improvements and ways of optimizing your operations.

Maxima’s approach

Holistic action plans

Our expert consultants provide solutions with careful consideration of your existing assets, liabilities, stakeholder expectations, and specific business objectives.

World’s best talent

Our recruitment team specializes in building the distributed workforce of the future by tapping into worldwide talent pools to find niche experts your insurance company needs.

Responsible innovation

Decades in tech made us understand that success in innovation depends on making improvements as early as feasible and as securely as possible.

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