IT recruitment services

Best-in-class IT services for global enterprises

As your organization moves forward in digital transformation efforts, Maxima’s professional services will provide you with a competitive edge needed for further growth. Make the most of state-of-the-art information technology by automating manual work, accelerating your business processes, and improving your security.

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Workforce solutions

Use our technological expertise to your advantage

IT recruitment

Maxima’s comprehensive talent solutions include FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) Hiring, Executive Recruitment, and Niche Tech Contracting. We will find candidates with the skill sets your business needs, and we will do it quickly.

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Staff augmentation

Our extensive candidate database allows us to quickly scale up your existing team that faces an unrealistic deadline. Augment your workforce for the project’s duration easily or add crucial competencies to your organization exactly when needed.

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Fixed price contracts

For projects with rigid budgets, we agree on the price before starting the work based on the scope of work that needs to be done. We will help you define the requirements precisely to ensure you won’t stumble upon any unwanted surprises.

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Utilize our knowledge of regional legislation and the expectations local employees have when launching a site abroad. We will build and manage a whole team in your desired location - and transfer the control to you after the agreed-upon period.

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Managed IT services

Get exhaustive assistance in fundamental IT projects


Make sure your IT foundation supports your business goals instead of limiting them. Take full advantage of your digital technology with expertly designed and meticulously maintained IT infrastructure, whether in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid.

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Quality assurance

Our QA experts and testers ensure high-quality code for global enterprises in multiple industries. Implement QA and Software Testing best practices to gain control of your project lifecycle, monitor its development, and achieve the quality you seek.

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Improve system resilience, management, and design with access to Site Reliability Engineers whenever you need. Apply the software engineering approach to IT operations, and use code to manage your systems and automate operations tasks.

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Maintenance and support

Development doesn't end with the release. Software regularly needs to adapt to new business requirements, market trends, and technical changes in related systems. A technology partner is what you need to respond to these issues quickly.

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Benefit from custom-built tools and advanced know-how


Accelerate your digital transformation with the automated DevOps platform AppZ. Benefit from a software solution that supports cloud migration with proven, secure, and ready-to-use cloud adoption templates, known as AppZ Stacks.

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Cloud solutions

Utilize the cloud to enable efficient operations and leverage new growth opportunities. Make your cloud migration project painless and start profiting from an always-on setup that easily adapts to business needs and accelerates innovation.

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Information risk management

Understand your technological vulnerabilities and prepare against disruptive cyber threats. Get comprehensive support from our InfoSec experts, who will guide you through cybersecurity policies, procedures, and their practical implementation.

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Get expert support in all kinds of automation, from Business Processes to IT Infrastructure. Delegate repetitive tasks to bots, profit from their mechanical precision, and enable your employees to focus on meaningful work that needs human flexibility.

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