Consulting services that drive business value

A strategic approach to everything we do enables us to support clients in growing their business value, increasing their technical capabilities, and ensuring business continuity.
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Work with IT consultants experienced in your industry
Leverage new technologies to optimize your IT environment
Utilize today’s best practices and implement the best solutions
Get expert support with your legacy and niche technology needs
Identify future growth opportunities with data-based trend analysis
Increase your competitive advantage with transformative technology
Build the synergy between your technology strategy and business goals

Boost your competitiveness with skilled consultants

Access a global network of talented advisors and get the most value out of any technology investment. Our strategy consultants and solution architects bring their problem-solving skills to improve processes and provide insights to maximize efficiency.

Our consultancy services include:

Niche technology and legacy IT consulting services

Work with technology experts and utilize their industry knowledge to implement smart improvements at scale. Access niche expertise, choose the right tools, and cut costs while bringing your IT infrastructure up to speed.

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Program and project management consulting

Lead your projects with confidence. From software development through security and risk management to cloud migration and cloud cost optimization, our consultants will assist your organization’s projects and deliver results.

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Digital transformation consulting

Leverage data science and machine learning, enhance your automation capabilities, and make the most of your cloud computing budget. Our transformation experts ensure the implementation of emerging technologies facilitates business growth.

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Business strategy consulting

Tap into pragmatic business continuity planning and make sure your tech investments and technology strategy align with the company’s goals. Secure your place as your industry’s business leader with strategic insights focused on sustainable development.

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Operations transformation planning

Our business and IT consultants provide meaningful change to your organization by transforming data and insights into improved processes. They enable efficient transformation by identifying quick wins that fuel long-term strategic plans with initial success.

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Corporate strategy and strategic planning

Our experts help companies navigate the information technology innovation landscape and support operational and business transformation. Since 1993, we have delivered solutions that ensure the success of such transformative initiatives.

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Clients’ success stories

Discover genuine use cases of our managed IT services and the many benefits our clients have enjoyed by leveraging our expertise.

Warehouse management system modernization

Our team has modernized a warehouse management system for a logistics company by utilizing legacy technology expertise and modern software architecture proficiency.

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Consolidation of divisions for greater efficiency

We reviewed and identified operations and workflow inefficiencies and proceeded with process optimization during a consolidation project for one of our clients.

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Trusted by:

The caliber of their resources was top-notch. Culturally, they were closely aligned with inhouse resources versus limited as many traditional contract resources tend to be. I found Maxima to be continually receptive to any feedback or able to address any challenges in realtime.
Charles Griffith
CTO, Quiet Platforms, an American Eagle Company

Business strategy and technology consulting for all businesses

Working with organizations around the world has taught us every business has unique circumstances that need to influence solutions proposed by consulting firms. A business-focused IT consultancy has to consider how mature a client enterprise is when it comes to infrastructure, outsourcing, cybersecurity, big data, artificial intelligence tools adoption, and cloud strategy. In addition to being experts in the digital realm, the consulting company needs to understand its client’s company culture, industry standards, and the direction markets are flowing.

Top advantages of Maxima Consulting services

Agile governance mindset

Experience outstanding client service, strong governance, and an agile style of working - coming together to deliver business results.

Operational efficiency at a global scale

Leverage our nearshore and offshore capabilities to facilitate additional services in information technology and beyond.

Dedicated consultants

Work with specialized consultants focused on your enterprise only and maximize the impact their expertise has on your organization.

Strategic approach

Optimize your IT environment and secure stakeholders’ buy-in with a thorough examination of your existing resources, pain points, and strong suits.

Comprehensive and innovative solutions

Bypass the scarcity of niche technology expertise by tapping into global talent pools available to IT consultancy companies.

Tailored implementation

Customize the scale and depth of our advisory and consulting services to maximize your return on investment.

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Simple business process, excellent results


Learning about your business objectives

What happens: Up to 24 hours after you message us, our expert advisor gets back to you to schedule an introductory call. During this first meeting, we will talk about your enterprise and its standing in the industry, your current business goals, your technology stack, and the opportunities you want to seize.

What do you get:

  • a dedicated advisor who becomes your first line of strategic support
  • a fresh perspective on your business, operations, and processes

Analyzing challenges and solutions

What happens: Our experts research your company and examine how other organizations in your industry handle their transformation initiatives. They focus on identifying potential challenges in implementation and the best ways to facilitate quick business value growth.

What do you get:

  • Detailed analysis of the competitive landscape in your industry
  • Well-researched reports and expert insights

Offering solutions and actionable insights

What happens: Our business advisors and IT consultants identify the best solutions your company can implement. They put together a strategic road plan document focused on increasing your competitive advantage and maximizing your benefits.

What do you get:

  • comprehensive technology strategy filled with valuable data-driven advice
  • definite solutions designed to deliver your benefits as fast and as reliable as possible

Drive innovation and stay ahead of your competition

Our professional services go far beyond those of a typical consulting firm, with numerous enterprise software modernization initiatives, information risk management projects, and data migration services taking a prominent space among the diversified solutions we deliver.

Since 1993, we have supported numerous companies with our tailored IT consulting services, talent acquisition capabilities, global managed services, and other innovative solutions to their business challenges.

Partnership with Maxima Consulting means accessing not only advice and insight typical to other consulting companies but also unlocking hands-on expertise in new technology implementation, specialized IT recruitment, automation-driven operations, and many other essential functions that businesses can optimize by outsourcing.


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Consulting services FAQ

Learn how Maxima Consulting differs from a regular information technology consulting firm, and discover the variety of IT consulting services and other solutions we provide.

What IT consulting services do you offer?
IT consulting services Maxima Consulting provides include digital transformation, innovation, and technology implementation consulting, business strategy consulting, talent acquisition methodologies, security consulting services (complete with disaster recovery planning and risk governance advice), and more.
What can technology consultants do for clients?
Depending on the nature of your project and specific business needs, consulting services can be scaled up and down to accommodate your current demand. Our expert advisors can either perform audits and provide reports filled with actionable advice or work side by side with your internal teams to optimize the implementation of the changes your business requires.
Browse our clients’ success stories to learn more.
What is meant by business consulting services?
As your enterprise grows, reliable advisors who can support you in keeping the momentum going become indispensable. Business consulting services provide companies with guidance on how to streamline operations, optimize processes, and achieve goals efficiently.
Business consultants are experts in problem-solving, market research, and strategic thinking. Usually, they also possess the leadership skills necessary to bring meaningful change through digital transformation while maintaining high morale and inspiring the trust of your employees.
Discover what our consulting services can do for your organization by reading the article about our understanding of consultancy on Maxima’s blog.
What is the purpose of strategy consulting?
Our team of knowledgeable business experts has a deep understanding of global market trends and proven optimization methods across many industries. By accessing their experience and skills, you secure a valuable ally in solving many challenges of today’s globalized economy.
Explore the business category on our blog to learn more.
What are your other services?
Maxima Consulting strives to fulfill the needs of our clients in many different ways. We provide:
In case you didn’t find the specific solution you were looking for, contact us to discuss your project and see what we can do for your organization.
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