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Cloud Orbit. Platform engineering enabled

Optimize both your cloud costs and performance with a complete platform engineering solution for companies of all sizes. Revolutionize the way your organization interacts with the cloud with our test-hardened templates, custom automation, and shift left security.

What is Cloud Orbit?

Cloud Orbit is a managed platform engineering solution that enables even the most complex migration projects, optimizes all aspects of everyday cloud usage, and accelerates time-to-market for development teams.

What can you do with Cloud Orbit?

Quickly build enterprise-grade cloud architecture from the ground
Modernize legacy software and migrate to the cloud
Optimize your current cloud footprint with SRE best practices
Facilitate security integration across the CI/CD pipeline
Cut up to 30% of overall cloud costs

Explore our clients' success stories

Transparent CI/CD pipeline for hybrid infrastructure

While building their cloud-native digital product, a data analytics startup recognized the need for a CI/CD solution with SOC2 controls required by their client base. Cloud Orbit gave them an out-of-the-box CI/CD pipeline, complete with observability and audit features, which enabled their developers to deliver immutable code and eliminate privileged access in hybrid cloud deployments.

Increased observability and automated rollbacks

A startup offering software-configurable hardware leveraged Cloud Orbit to increase observability and provide audit support for its digital product available on AWS and Google Cloud. Connecting our solution to their GitHub made all product changes visible and easily auditable. Additionally, our solution enables continuous monitoring for drift and triggers automatic rollbacks when needed.

Improved availability and migration support

A healthcare provider company adopted Cloud Orbit to increase their web app availability and enable it to meet peak demand during member enrollments. The move has brought them additional benefits, such as a comprehensive audit trail and logging capabilities, as well as pre-generated templates that enabled legacy application migration from VM to Docker and Kubernetes.

From legacy migration to security automation

A large financial services company utilized Cloud Orbit to migrate legacy apps to AWS and comply with regulatory audit requirements by employing the platform’s reporting capabilities. The solution also enabled them to continuously monitor all software, network, and database changes across their hybrid cloud and automatically notify appropriate teams in case of anomalies.

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"I recognize very well the mission statement of Platform Engineering. Cloud Orbit seems to have the promise of bringing us to the next level of observability and SDK for hybrid cloud."

Head of IT Platform Engineering at a major bank in Belgium

Discover Cloud Orbit’s top features

Access increased observability with one pane of glass

Access all relevant cloud-related data on one comprehensive dashboard. 
Node exporter
Effortlessly analyze cloud infrastructure performance with practical graphs.
Overall total 5m load & average CPU used%
Set up custom alerts to notify appropriate teams about any unusual incidents.
Overall total memory & average memory used%
Utilize consolidated insights to identify room for improvement and optimize performance.
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Enjoy universal compatibility

Cloud providers

Infrastructure types

Public cloud
Private cloud
Hybrid cloud

Build in software integrations

Customize the platform to your unique needs with 4 service plans

Cloud Orbit One

Robust all-in-one platform engineering solution combining all capabilities and benefits of Cloud Orbit

Cloud Orbit Migration Factory

Test-hardened app modernization and quick but reliable cloud migration

Cloud Orbit SRE+

Automation-based cloud management and continuous optimization

Cloud Orbit Greenfield

Cloud environments for development teams built in minutes

More reasons to launch forward with Cloud Orbit

Self-service GitOps CI/CD with dynamic pipelines
Security shifted left with DevOps & DevSecOps
Kubernetes-first approach
Infrastructure-as-code in minutes
24/7 professional support
Backup management and disaster recovery
Aim for the stars with cloud orbit

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