What is Cloud Orbit one?

Digital transformation for all companies

Cloud computing transformed information technology across industries by improving performance, lowering costs, and driving the business value of digital products. However, the expertise needed to create a foolproof enterprise cloud strategy is rare and expensive.

Discover Maxima Consulting’s most comprehensive cloud solution with all our managed cloud services included. This solution includes everything our Migration Factory, SRE+, and Greenfield services have - for a lower overall price.

Cloud Orbit One - what's inside?

Migration Factory

A comprehensive cloud migration solution that empowers organizations to seamlessly and efficiently transfer both legacy and modern applications to their preferred cloud providers. With the assistance of our skilled migration experts, we thoroughly evaluate your individual requirements and guarantee a successful and cost-effective migration to any cloud environment of your choice, including Google Cloud Platform, AWS Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Use cases

Migration Factory has already successfully enabled the migration of business-critical applications in multiple countries, technical environments, and industries such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

When to use it?

Your organization needs an optimal migration strategy to ensure successful data and application migration from traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud platform.
Your cloud migration-related business needs include cost reduction, excellent security, and/or legacy software modernization services.
Your previous data migration projects were unsuccessful, and you need the cloud investment to bring quick and measurable results.


Managed cloud optimization services that facilitate Site Reliability Engineering best practices in a proven and scalable environment. Cloud Orbit SRE+ is perfect for cloud optimization purposes in large enterprises, startups, and everything in between. We can easily and rapidly scale the service up or down based on the client’s current needs, and SLA requirements, which enables us to always adjust to your business needs.

Use cases

SRE+ is basically SRE as a service with extras, a cloud management solution that offers dependable access to scarce Site Reliability Engineering expertise whenever it’s needed. The pay-as-you-go model has already ensured significant I&O cost reduction for Maxima Consulting’s clients in many industries.

When to use it?

Your cloud migration project was successful, and you are looking for a cost-effective managed services provider that can maintain your cloud environment in the best possible shape.
Your business needs advanced security measures and excellent quality control to satisfy customer expectations.
You want your cloud-native software project to bring cost savings by optimizing it following Site Reliability Engineering principles.


A cloud-native launching point equipped with the latest trends and cutting-edge technology that any business can quickly set up and use. Greenfield, packed to the brim with predefined stacks and automated solutions, enables organizations to kick off new projects in less time, with lower TCO in development and infrastructure costs. 

Use cases

Greenfield can be used by any startup, as well as small, medium, and large enterprises looking to kick off a new IT project in the cloud and facilitate a better experience for its developers.

When to use it?

Your cloud-native project needs help in creating and managing an optimized cloud environment.
You want an easy and cost-efficient way to set up and manage a cloud environment for your development team.
You just experienced a cloud bill shock and need an efficient way to cut cloud costs quickly.
Why choose Cloud Orbit one?

Comprehensive platform engineering and managed cloud governance services, tailored client experience

Our flexible operating model, modern infrastructure expertise, and cloud migration tools enable us to create the right cloud strategy for you, estimate costs accurately, quickly improve the performance of your software, and optimize resource utilization to lower costs further.

Combine migration capabilities, cloud optimization tools, and cloud-native development support found in all Cloud Orbit plans 
Unlock the most thorough enterprise-ready platform engineering solution available and cut your overall cloud costs by up to 30%.
Work with a reliable team focused on transparent communication and timely delivery to start bringing you actual business value as soon as possible.

Cloud strategy tailored to your business goals

With Cloud Orbit One, you get to adjust the scope of our shared cloud journey. Pick and choose from our range of managed platform engineering services designed to simplify your cloud management tasks. You’re always in control, guiding the pace of your digital transformation to accelerate innovation and scale faster but remain comfortable and protected.

Cloud Orbit's compatibility

And other environments

Go beyond efficiency with Cloud Orbit One

On-prem and cloud landing zones
Applications onboarded in days
Self-service GitOps CI/CD with dynamic pipelines
Security shifted left with DevOps & DevSecOps
Kubernetes-first approach
Multiple clusters management
Infrastructure-as-code in minutes
Secret cert management
24/7 professional support
Improved observability
Alert-based incident management
Approval-based workflow
Backup management and disaster recovery
Test data management
Audit & compliance support
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Aim for the stars with cloud orbit

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