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In today’s highly digitized world, transport and logistics companies must utilize many IT solutions to remain competitive. Maxima Consulting’s consultants are experts in using technology to reduce our client’s operational costs, increase their control over fleets and assets, accelerate crucial processes, and improve end-user experience.

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IT solutions for the transport and logistics industry

Fleet management systems

Maxima’s specialized software services enable companies to track their vehicle fleets and analyze their performance with simple, intuitive dashboards. These modern management systems collect and visualize traffic data to optimize vehicle flow.

Asset tracking solutions

Maintain a high level of control over your company's assets with state-of-the-art tracking software. Our experienced team builds, maintains, and expands dedicated tracking solutions that track and monitor your shipments to swiftly and safely deliver your cargo.

Navigation and mapping

All fleets can benefit from advanced route planning software that considers real-time road conditions to calculate accurate ETAs. Our experts adapt navigation solutions to your company’s needs to support your fleet's performance and the ability for planning.

Supply chain management

Streamline all logistics operations with management software that analyzes varying real-time conditions to ensure efficient delivery. Using our expert solutions results in more effective supply chains and improved asset control.

Automation solutions for freight forwarding

Maxima’s logistics industry experts use custom automation to support managers in dealing with quoting, billing, and invoicing. Automating shipment processes minimizes the possibility of manual errors, ensures secure, cost-effective delivery, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Warehouse distribution software

Empower your employees with straightforward inventory management, comprehensive shipment oversight, and data-based insights. Optimize your warehouse with integrated software solutions that include warehouse management systems and ERP software.

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Building a Successful Partnership in the Logistics Industry

A third-party logistics (3PL) company in Massachusetts utilizes our onshore/offshore delivery model for development and testing. Our Boston and Polish teams work together to modernize their warehouse management system (WMS).

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After gathering enough knowledge, our industry experts examine your specific circumstances, existing assets, and direct competition. Based on that research, they tailor a future-proof solution that specifically addresses your needs and challenges.

Delivery and optimization

When we agree on all the details, our consultants begin their involvement in your project, and a dedicated account manager operates as your point of contact and trusted advisor. To maximize the value you get, we always seek more opportunities for optimization.

Maxima’s approach

Focus on strategic thinking

Industry expertise, thoroughness, and creativity allow our expert advisors to craft brave and effective digital evolution strategies perfectly aligned with your organization’s unique needs.

Global talent expertise

Our experienced talent management team has what it takes to support all of your workforce needs, whether it’s direct recruitment or setting up a new office in a remote location.

Flexibility and innovation

Our consultants follow fast-paced changes in the transport and logistics industry landscape to share their expertise in improving organizational flexibility and practical innovation with you.

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