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Maxima Consulting in the United Kingdom

Discover our tailor-made strategies for British companies. From custom software development in cloud environments to a niche legacy system migration, our expert advisors deliver the results you need and the experience you wish for.

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Your trusted IT advisors

We aim to enable British companies to unlock their full potential with tailored strategies and dependable delivery.

As your trusted global IT solutions partner, we bring the knowledge and skills necessary to flourish in today’s globalised economy.

Our team has the niche technology expertise needed to implement state-of-the-art IT solutions in various industries and has successfully completed numerous legacy migration projects.

Discover our top services in the UK market

Business strategy consulting

Leverage Maxima’s strategic approach to organisational and digital transformation, diversity, sustainability, location strategy, and the future of work. Enjoy comprehensive, research-based solutions tailored to your unique situation and particular business goals. Our skilful advisors will guide your decision-making process and help you establish a solid technological foundation for your business.

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Niche technology expertise

With access to global talent pools and tailored location strategy, no skill shortage can stop you from realising your business goals. Whether you look for experts in industry-specific solutions, niche technologies, or cost optimisation, Maxima Consulting guarantees transparent communication, compliance with modern security standards, and exceptional flexibility.

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Legacy migration and digital transformation

Being on top of cutting-edge technologies is one thing, but knowing how to migrate data from a legacy system to modern software is an entirely different endeavour. Our approach to digital transformation is to always begin with a thorough investigation of existing assets, so our support can start bringing value as soon as physically possible.

Augment your IT capabilities

Project and program delivery

Even the best strategy depends on how well you can execute it. Our delivery services build upon your existing resources and augment your capabilities where more talent and expertise are required. Experience in many successful projects and programs made our project managers and tech consultants highly skilled in prioritising tasks, allowing them to start bringing value fast.

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Reasons to partner with Maxima Consulting

We deliver results

Our consultants strive to become your trusted IT advisors by providing exceptional value and excellent client experience from day one.

We maximize efficiency

Maxima Consulting’s Polish branch offers a broad scope of recruitment and technology services that can be easily tailored to the individual needs of your business or team.

We believe in partnership

We bring a working governance model, strategies based on industry expertise, and task-relevant skills to ensure long standing success.

We're life-long innovators

Our organisation is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the ever-changing globalised economy and offer future-proof solutions to our clients.

"I very much appreciate the role you and your organisation played in the successful startup of a Security Help Desk in Poland. Much success in the future."

Vice President at a major bank
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The people of Maxima Consulting UK

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Alpha Jalloh
Global Client Account Manager
“I believe success is achieved through collaboration, empowerment, and teams that trust and support each other.”
Unwavering client focus, broad international experience and expert communication skills allow Alpha to build successful partnerships and increase value for our partners.
Joanna Grabowska
360 Talent Partner
“The most important part of working with Maxima is the people you get to work with.”
Personal interest in digital technologies helps Joanna find and hire tech talent with advanced expertise and a constructive approach.
Anurag Ratna
Client Delivery Lead
“I am passionate about empowering my team members and creating a culture of excellence that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration.”
Anurag’s leadership, sales, business development and account management expertise enables him to inspire teams and drive results.
Svitlana Kostyk
Client Experience Lead
“My good connection with clients comes from the fact I approach people the way I would like to be approached.”
From presale support to project management, Svitlana’s role is to build bridges between Maxima and our clients.

Work with innovation leaders and leverage the best global solutions

We believe relationships are at the core of growing a business and achieving long-lasting success. Our goal is to understand the real needs of our clients and deliver on them to share a prosperous future.

Maxima Consulting is a people-centric organisation that empowers people to deliver exceptional value. We’re long-term thinkers providing tailor-made, future-proof IT solutions to companies of all sizes.

Our team of experts will analyse your existing assets, business goals, and the industry landscape to find the best solution for your organisation and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

Equipped with a strategic approach and access to Maxima Consulting’s global pool of talented IT consultants, you will gain a competitive advantage and enhance your customer experience.

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The story of Maxima Consulting

Maxima Consulting was founded in Boston in 1993. The goal was to support local businesses in their IT and enterprise software needs. Today our specialists help businesses across the world in developing, scaling, and maintaining their IT departments. With over 30 years of experience delivering IT solutions for various industries, the company remains a people-centric organisation with high employee retention and access to top global tech talent.

Banking and finance

Maxima Consulting has successfully supported banking and financial organizations around the world in facing their technology and workforce challenges since 1993 by providing best-in-class outsourcing solutions tailored to the industry’s notoriously difficult requirements.

Logistics and transportation

In today’s highly digitized world, our consultants support companies in the transport and logistics sector in reducing their operational costs, increasing their control over fleets and assets, accelerating crucial processes with automation, and working to improve user experience.

Energy and utilities

Companies in the energy sector utilize outsourcing to deal with complex issues ranging from regulatory compliance to managing industry-specific software. Our experts help these businesses modernize legacy systems, improve cross-departmental data flow, and meet ever-changing customer needs.


The telecommunications industry routinely encounters disruptions caused by emerging technologies. To offer these companies reliable and broad support that can result in increasing their competitive edge, our solutions for telcos include AI tools, big data analytics, and information risk management services.

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Maxima in the UK

Whether you need access to expert IT professionals or a cutting-edge cloud solution, our consultants will provide an actionable strategy to make that happen. Schedule a meeting today to find out what Maxima can do for your business.

Address: Suite 8b Milroy House, Sayers Lane, Tenterden TN30 6BW, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1580 493509
E-mail: hello@maximaconsulting.com
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