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Since starting in Boston in 1993, Maxima Consulting has become an experienced staffing partner and managed IT services provider for many industries. Our globally distributed network of expert workforce and technology consultants support insurance firms, banks and financial institutions, transport and logistics companies, life sciences, pharma, and healthcare organizations, utility and energy providers, and telecoms based in the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, and other countries around the world.

Top advantages of the managed services model

Tapping into global talent pools simplifies addressing skill shortages in the IT industry.

Quick access to essential expertise allows companies to streamline international expansion.

Leveraging the global service delivery model facilitates cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Proven recruitment and HR strategies enable businesses to reach, hire, and retain top IT professionals.

A vendor operates based on a service level agreement (SLA) that secures the client’s best interests.

Experienced consultants provide guidance and tailor the managed IT services offering to suit the unique business needs of each client.


Reasons to choose our managed IT services

We offer highly scalable solutions tailored to the business needs of each client.

Our global delivery model allows us to build mixed teams of onshore, nearshore, and offshore specialists in a ratio that perfectly fits each client’s business goals. Our consultants excel at a broad scope of managed IT services, from software solutions development through cloud management, SRE, and platform engineering to data protection and information risk management services. That flexibility and versatility make us a third-party contractor of choice for organizations in banking, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics, and other industries.

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Our consultants are focused on delivering business value from day one.

A strategic approach to workforce solutions and managed IT services delivery quickly turns our consultants into trusted advisors to organizations across multiple industries. Our IT recruitment specialists and HR experts focus on adjusting the talent acquisition and human resources processes to the specific needs of our clients. As a result, the organizations we work with can outsource their IT requirements to a satisfied, globally distributed IT team that fits the organizational culture and prioritizes bringing genuine value to the company.

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We understand the importance of niche and legacy technologies.

To support organizations in their digital transformation, a vendor must understand the technological history of individual market sectors and be prepared to meet industry-specific service needs. We’re skilled in reaching legacy and niche tech specialists versed in tech stacks needed for successful implementation and integration of modern solutions within the existing IT systems of our clients. Our consultants will update your operating systems, perform infrastructure upgrades, and migrate legacy apps to modern environments across all cloud providers.

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Stay ahead of your competition with 3 decades of IT expertise

Since 1993, our company has successfully delivered business and technology consulting services, specialized recruitment services, and managed IT services to global organizations and medium-sized businesses around the world. Our global team of skilled advisors and IT specialists utilizes current best practices, modern analytics and communication tools, and vast collective experience to offer excellent assistance and top-notch performance to other organizations, irrespective of their current technology adoption level and any previous challenges they faced.

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Maximum efficiency, minimum concerns

We provide complete server administration and network management by installing, configuring, and maintaining your servers so that your systems always perform at their best. In addition, our IT professionals implement comprehensive security measures and manage and keep your data safe with efficient, robust backup and recovery solutions against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Our services include

Software testing | Software maintenance | Automation | Artificial intelligence | Custom event-driven software | Staff augmentation

SRE-based infrastructure and cloud services

Modern information technology infrastructure increasingly depends on public, private, and hybrid cloud computing solutions. Organizations of all sizes utilize the expertise of specialized vendors to unlock all the benefits cloud services offer.

Our complete managed cloud services solution, Cloud Orbit, includes expert support to even the most complex modernization and migration projects, platform engineering and site reliability engineering (SRE) implementation, and streamlined creation of development-ready cloud environments, as well as their optimization, management, and remote monitoring.

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Technical support services

IT service desk solutions and IT support services are simply indispensable in the modern enterprise computing landscape. Only a team of globally distributed full-time employees can work round the clock to resolve user queries and offer remote assistance to issues.

Our global delivery managed services model enables organizations to unlock 24/7 IT assistance by leveraging international talent that works in various time zones. Our services include custom alert automation, artificial intelligence solutions, and flexible schedules, allowing our clients to benefit from lower cost of service without sacrifices to user experience.

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Managed security services

From network monitoring through system data protection and access management to disaster recovery, third-party managed IT service providers offer many advantages to any company that contracts out its cybersecurity functions.

Our cybersecurity services are performed by teams with a proven track record in multiple responsibilities within the cybersecurity space. Our experts exhibit a proactive approach needed to enable efficient network and system monitoring, successfully protect sensitive data, and combat threats as soon as they arise to improve uptime management.

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Other managed services

Organizations outsource IT tasks to remote or hybrid teams to address skill gaps their internal IT team might have, reduce costs linked to specific IT service requirements, and get expert assistance from specialists focused on high performance and high-quality output.

By researching your industry and evaluating the needs your company has, our consultants can create a solution tailored to your business goals. Leveraging our global network of skilled professionals allows us to adjust our service hours to meet your requirements. With our predictable pricing and precise service-level agreements, we will lower your IT service-related costs.

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Access global talent pools with our workforce services

Utilize our global talent acquisition expertise and quickly hire top-notch engineers, outstanding IT professionals, experienced project managers, and hard-to-find executives.

Global delivery model: Work with onshore, nearshore, offshore, and hybrid teams to unlock the benefits of the global workforce.

Staffing services: Streamline the recruitment of developers, engineers, sysadmins, security pros, and other IT specialists with a specialized staffing team.

Staff augmentation: Engage a world-class subject-matter expert as a project consultant to fill the gaps in your in-house teams’ skills.

Build-operate-transfer: Get support in launching a subsidiary organization abroad and assume full ownership once the operations are stable.


Benefits of working with Maxima Consulting

Thorough service-level agreements

A comprehensive service-level agreement will secure your best interests linked to utilizing external IT services. A proper SLA details all vendor responsibilities and clearly states the consequences a managed service provider faces when they fail to deliver.

Business expertise and exceptional service quality

Maxima Consulting’s advisors strive to build sustainable relationships with our clients by sharing industry insights, focusing on delivering business results, and fostering transparent communication. Our services are designed to routinely exceed client expectations.

Ability to scale your comprehensive solution

We customize our managed IT services to facilitate your unique business needs and integrate them into your existing operations. To keep your costs under control, you can scale the extent of our managed service up or down based on your current requirements.

Reliable guidance and sustainable growth

As your trusted managed service provider, we offer support in strategy building and implementation, process design, project management, and HR functions to maximize your added value and secure a sustainable future for everyone involved in our partnership.

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Partner with established global managed service providers

Maxima Consulting was founded in Boston in 1993 to support other organizations in meeting their technology goals and aligning IT functions with business requirements.

Today, the company spans four continents and serves as a reliable workforce solutions and IT service provider to businesses around the globe.

Industries we support as managed IT services providers

Maxima Consulting has become a trusted advisor and managed IT services provider for many companies in multiple industries, including insurance, banking and finance, energy and utilities, transport and logistics, life sciences, pharma and healthcare, and telecommunications.

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Banking and finance

Global banks and financial companies benefit from Maxima Consulting’s experience in the industry-specific technology and international IT recruitment capabilities our organization possesses.

We help banks and financial institutions overcome their digital challenges and align used technologies and tools with their business goals and client needs.

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Healthcare, pharma, and life sciences

Healthcare facilities, pharmacological companies, and life sciences institutions utilize our managed services to unlock cutting-edge expertise and leverage technological advantages for their patients.

Our knowledge of emerging trends and technologies makes Maxima Consulting the service provider of choice for organizations requiring AI expertise, complex analytics, and the best possible security.

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Energy and utilities

Companies in the energy and utilities sector use our managed services to improve their security postures, ensure needed regulatory compliance, and leverage our knowledge of industry-specific solutions.

We fulfill their business requirements by modernizing outdated IT systems, improving their software development process, and implementing modern best practices across the board.

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Transportation and logistics

The transport and logistics industry leverages Maxima Consulting’s expertise to modernize warehouse management, implement fleet management solutions, and protect systems and data from cyber threats.

Our technology experts utilize their industry experience, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities to provide cost-effective services and build future-proof solutions that improve user experience.

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