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AI technologies already have an impact on virtually every industry and market sector. From healthcare to banking, education to manufacturing, AI-powered solutions influence how businesses operate and create new ways to deliver value to customers.
Rethink your business strategy to fit the AI era
Leverage AI systems to accelerate a business-critical process
Utilize intelligent automation algorithms to facilitate productivity
Extract actionable insights from big data with little human intervention
Enhance your business intelligence capabilities with predictive analytics
Use AI to improve customer experience, data security, software quality, and more
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AI services at Maxima Consulting

With 30 years of supporting businesses in their digital transformation efforts, Maxima Consulting is well-prepared to guide organizations of all sizes to success in pursuing AI-driven business value.

AI strategy consulting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely considered one of the most transformative technologies of our time. It has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, and with the right guidance, it can offer numerous business benefits. We offer AI strategy consulting to help companies of all sizes develop comprehensive AI strategies that align with their objectives.

Large language models and generative AI

Large language models, generative AI tools, and natural language processing can be used in organizations in many ways, including functions such as speech recognition, machine translation, data extraction, and information retrieval, as well as generating text, code, images, audio, and video. Our experts support developing and implementing these tools to enhance the business efficiency of our clients.

Computer vision business applications

Our consultants, specializing in artificial intelligence solutions, can also support businesses in implementing computer vision capabilities to detect objects, persons, and activities in images and videos. AI-powered computer vision tools are also useful in some very specific tasks that involve pattern recognition, such as modeling 3D scenes and restoring damaged images.

Data-driven transformation

Companies can use artificial intelligence to analyze data and provide insights to make informed decisions or decide automatically based on previous programming. It has applications in business intelligence, data analytics, intelligent automation, cyber security, customer experience, recruitment, and human resources.


Business use cases of AI / ML

Using AI in life sciences, pharmacology, and healthcare

Drug discovery: AI can accelerate drug discovery by screening millions of compounds and predicting their usefulness for specific diseases based on gathered historical data.

Diagnosis of diseases: AI-powered software can analyze large amounts of health data, including patient history and medical images, to help diagnose diseases faster and more accurately.

Personalized medicine: AI can analyze patients’ unique genetic makeup, medical history, and lifestyle to customize treatment plans to their personal needs and limitations.

Applications of AI in banking and finance

Fraud detection: Machine learning algorithms that analyze huge amounts of data in real time enable banks to identify and prevent fraudulent activities more quickly than ever before. 

Investment analysis: Financial institutions can leverage AI-based analytics to predict market trends and identify both risks and profitable investment opportunities for their clients.

Empowering customers: Companies in the financial sector use AI-powered virtual assistants to provide personalized customer service and utilize clients’ data to recommend relevant services.

AI solutions for the manufacturing industry

Quality control: Factories leverage AI systems to improve their quality control capabilities. Such AIs ensure that all products meet the specifications by detecting flaws or defects with unmatched precision.

Predictive maintenance: AI algorithms can predict when any given piece of equipment is likely to fail and schedule needed maintenance accordingly to avoid downtime and increase productivity.

Autonomous robots: AI algorithms enable machines to perform more and more tasks previously needed to be carried out by humans, which saves time and reduces the risk of workplace injuries.

AI technology for companies in the energy sector

Design process support: AI and machine learning capabilities can simplify design processes for many devices by aiding engineers in making complex calculations needed to achieve required parameters.

Distribution management: Energy and utilities companies can use AI to analyze and predict the demand for their services and optimize their distribution networks to decrease wastage and save costs.

Climate change mitigation: AI technology can help identify effective strategies to reduce the energy industry’s impact on the environment while ensuring its continued profitability. 

Leveraging AI in other industries

Telecom: Companies in the telecommunications industry use AI-based speech recognition to enhance customer experience with AI-driven assistants and generate conversation transcripts for improved observability in customer service.

Agriculture: AI can provide farmers with actionable insights by analyzing weather patterns, soil characteristics, and other factors affecting crop yields locally and globally. Additionally, AI-powered tools can be used to automate some farming tasks.

Education: AI is already being used to help educators identify students’ individual learning patterns and enable a more personalized approach. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots can help students find answers to their inquiries outside of school hours.

Retail: AI-based recommendation engines provide customers with personalized product suggestions, and modern chatbots deliver efficient customer support.

Robotics:  AI enables building robots that can reliably perform complex tasks and reduce the need for human intervention in many mistake-prone or dangerous processes.

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Anurag Ratna
Global Client Partner
"Harnessing the power of AI in business will redefine industries, unleash unprecedented efficiencies and innovations, and transform the future of business with brand new playing fields."
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Three steps to greater efficiency


Getting to know each other

What happens: Within 24 hours of receiving your message, our consultant from an office near you will schedule an initial meeting to learn about your company’s interest in artificial intelligence.

What do you get:

  • access to a dedicated advisor focused on tailoring our services to your requirements
  • initial assessment based on market research and insights from our AI experts

Customized enterprise AI services

What happens: We examine your organization’s unique situation, industry standards, and relevant market trends to craft an AI solution tailored to your needs and focused on your business goals.

What do you get:

  • unique AI solution specifically tailored to the goals of your company
  • comprehensive implementation plan and further optimization suggestions

Implementation and optimization

What happens: Our AI experts perform tasks needed to integrate artificial intelligence into your enterprise and optimize its operations in the form of a scalable managed service.

What do you get:

  • cost-effective AI services focused on providing business value
  • exceptional observability and transparency capabilities enabled by state-of-the-art tools
  • preferential access to all other managed IT services we deliver

Benefits of working with an expert AI partner

External advisors can help build a cost-conscious and future-proof AI strategy, implement tailored solutions across the company, and hire, train, and retain the right technology talent.

Moreover, working with an AI services company can positively impact an organization’s productivity, ensure proper security policies, improve the experience of customers, and reduce overall costs.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Implementing intelligent automation is more than automating repetitive, error-prone, or time-consuming tasks; it’s also using AI to continuously refine the automation process and optimize workflows. Working with third-party vendors improves the chance of successful AI-based automation, as external experts enjoy an "outsider-looking-in" perspective and work without bias.

Cost savings

Partnering with a specialized AI provider can help you cut costs, especially in the long run. External expertise will simplify the process of implementing AI solutions across your organization. AI-focused consultants will easily identify quick wins and pain points specific to your business. Addressing these first will pave the way to optimized resource allocation and better cost management.

Enhanced customer experience

Seamless implementation of AI in customer service will significantly improve the confidence your customers (and your employees) have in your AI system. AI-powered customer support can quickly resolve queries, leading to higher customer satisfaction. On top of that, users will quickly see how much they enjoy a personalized approach enabled by AI solutions.

Data privacy and security

For many AI and machine learning applications, data quality is crucial to accurate results. However, operating on confidential data sets, such as customer data, demands organizations develop strategies to combat the risk of data breaches or unethical data use. An experienced AI partner can easily ensure data security and compliance with relevant regulations.

Shared responsibilities

Partnering with an AI services vendor brings many business benefits to organizations that want to utilize artificial intelligence (AI). This includes support in ensuring that the use of AI in your business is ethical, transparent, and fair to all stakeholders. Managing the fear of job displacement and avoiding bias and discrimination in AI is easier with an expert partner on board.

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