Outsourcing IT to Poland with Maxima Consulting

Since expanding to Poland in 2015, our office in Kraków has become one of the cornerstones of Maxima Consulting’s global presence. Our experienced recruitment team in this location and other cities has successfully connected tech talent from many countries in Europe with foreign companies looking for dependable workforce and outsourcing solutions, managed IT services, and niche technology expertise.
Leverage business-friendly regulations and the entrepreneurial spirit of the country
Hire highly skilled Polish IT professionals to fill knowledge gaps your team might have
Develop your applications at an impressive pace and a fraction of the costs
Modernize your systems and improve the user experience of your existing software
Implement best practices in software development, quality assurance, security, and operations
Enjoy our excellent client service, world-class expertise, and efficient delivery processes

Your trusted IT partner in Poland

The still-growing IT outsourcing market in Poland represents an outstanding opportunity for global organizations that face talent shortages and want to optimize their costs.

As your trusted global IT solutions partner, we provide the local knowledge and all relevant skills needed to leverage Eastern Europe to increase your competitive edge.

Our expert recruiters excel in connecting businesses with qualified candidates who fit the company culture and focus on delivering tangible results.

Our many past successes in supporting the technology needs of industry leaders and SMBs enable us to offer multiple cooperation models to our partners.

IT services we deliver by outsourcing in Poland

Custom software development

Build cloud-native applications from scratch with an established partner you can trust. By focusing on delivering business value and offering excellent service quality, our experienced software development teams are easy to work with and develop software that users adore. Devoted to following best practices in programming, Maxima Consulting’s experts offer efficient project management, flexibility, and commitment to transparency, quality, security, and product longevity.

Quality assurance

Software testing processes are essential to building customer satisfaction. Our experienced quality assurance consultants offer manual testing and test automation expertise, problem-solving skills, and extensive subject matter knowledge needed to greatly reduce issues in your digital products. By accounting for all stakeholders’ unique needs, we’re able to develop a tailored testing strategy and ensure that released software exceeds customers’ expectations.

Mobile and web application development

Develop mobile and web applications with experienced developers capable of providing client companies with thoroughly tested, secure apps that exceed user expectations. Our expert teams prioritize building future-proof products by following best practices in modern software development. To maximize your business value, the people of Maxima Consulting will also continuously work to optimize various processes across the entire software development lifecycle.

Big data services and business intelligence

Most companies today realize they can leverage the vast amounts of data they already have in their possession to extract customer insights, identify optimization opportunities, and drive business value. Our consultants, versed in providing big data services and delivering BI projects to global organizations, are ready to guide businesses through the myriad of available data analytics and business intelligence tools, including solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

IT help desk solutions

Combining teams of remote help desk specialists located in Poland with employees in India and America enables international organizations to offer expert aid to their users 24/7 easily. Besides providing timely technical assistance across different operating systems and cloud providers, the global distribution of IT support professionals and entirely outsourced help desk solutions can result in significant cost savings. At the same time, ensuring businesses operate with maximum efficiency.

IT infrastructure solutions

Outsourcing infrastructure tasks to Poland with Maxima Consulting enables companies to leverage all benefits of modern public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. By combining the efforts of on-site consultants with the remote expertise of our infrastructure experts from Central and Eastern Europe, organizations can optimize their I&O spending without sacrificing the quality of results, even when it comes to traditional mainframe-based architectures.

Our leading workforce solutions in Poland

Project delivery and management

Access a global talent pool and hire accomplished managers, top-notch specialists, and entire teams capable of filling skill gaps your in-house staff might have. To facilitate swift project delivery, we learn about your business first and focus on bringing in the talent that is right for you.

IT staffing and staff augmentation

Our recruiters start by researching your business and understanding your goals. They then implement the correct tactics and offer you only the most suitable and highly skilled approach to finding candidates. The new hire will give your team a competitive edge.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Working with our specialized recruiters makes accessing top candidates with proven skills and relevant experience easy. Our professional talent team focuses on providing preselected profiles that fit your project and company culture, minimizing the involvement of your hiring managers.

Benefits of outsourcing your IT needs to Poland

Access to world-class tech talent

Polish developers and engineers enjoy global recognition as world-class specialists. Tech talent in Poland is well-educated, accustomed to working in international teams, and entrepreneurial, utilizing their broad knowledge to deliver excellent business results.

Moreover, Poland is a great place to access top engineering talent in Eastern Europe and beyond. Our Polish team is experienced in approaching professionals from various countries, and they can support the relocation and onboarding process for any successful employee.

Range of cost-optimized services

Maxima Consulting’s Polish branch offers a broad scope of recruitment and technology services that can be easily tailored to the individual needs of your business or team.

Our talent acquisition experts specialize in connecting companies with adequate people in staff augmentation, direct recruitment, contract-to-hire, and build-operate-transfer models. Our consultants are also happy to share their software development, cybersecurity, quality assurance, and operations expertise as managed services.

Focus on teamwork and communication

Being a people-centric company, we see transparency and open communication as foundational to stable business relationships. No matter the region, our teams, from sales to HR to software production, understand the value of collaboration and demonstrate the ability to go above and beyond to deliver impressive results focused on increasing both brand attractiveness and business revenue.

By empowering our specialists to grow professionally, we encourage them to work smart, engage with projects on a high level, and discover ways to improve their output and its market value.

Spirit of entrepreneurship

Technology professionals from Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, and other countries our Polish branch works with are often characterized by a wonderful sense of ownership of their work and projects.

As a result, a typical employee from this region exhibits a remarkable drive for perfection and a willingness to exceed expectations. Brands from Western Europe, the UK, and the US often find it exceptionally easy to coordinate with diligent, proactive, and engaged employees from Eastern Europe.

“The caliber of their resources was top-notch. Culturally, they were closely aligned with in-house resources versus limited as many traditional contract resources tend to be. I found Maxima Consulting to be continually receptive to feedback and able to address any challenges in real-time.”

Charles Griffith, CTO, Quiet Platforms, an American Eagle Company

Meet our team in Poland

Jagoda Wysocka
Client Partner
“I believe success is achieved through collaboration, empowerment, and teams that trust and support each other.”
Victor Ekong
Principal Solution Architect
“I believe success is achieved through collaboration, empowerment, and teams that trust and support each other.”
Aldona Milej
Operations Recruitment Manager
“I believe success is achieved through collaboration, empowerment, and teams that trust and support each other.”
Natalia Pawłowska-Szulc
HR and Relationships Manager
"As HR, our goal is to cultivate a transparent workplace where every employee feels valued. We emphasize continuous communication and adaptability, always evolving alongside our team. Beyond work, we prioritize creating enjoyable moments that bring us together, fostering deeper connections and understanding among colleagues."

We are a certified Great Place To Work in Poland!

Maxima Consulting is certified Great Place To Work in Poland. The certification is based on an independent survey capturing our employees’ experiences.

Great Place To Work is a renowned international organization that evaluates workplace culture and employee satisfaction levels. Since 1992, its independently conducted surveys have reached over 100 million workers worldwide. Being recognized as a Great Place to Work is proof that our people-centric approach is correct and effective.


Three top reasons to outsource your IT project to Poland with Maxima Consulting


Polish engineers are considered world-class experts in providing these services:

- .NET development as a service

- Java development outsourcing

- Python software development services

- PHP development solutions

- React JS development services


We offer a range of IT services in Poland based on several time-tested outsourcing methodologies:

- Workforce solutions for staffing and staff augmentation

- Managed IT services (including software development, software testing, IT support, system maintenance, security and compliance, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and infrastructure services)

- Build-Operate-Transfer (to learn more about BOT, see this article)

- Recruitment Process Outsourcing (to learn more about RPO, read this article)

- Center of Excellence (to learn more about CoE, click here)

- Other talent acquisition models tailored to the unique needs of partner companies (to learn more, see our talent acquisition guide)


Our consultants located in your region will help you navigate through the challenges of outsourcing to Poland with:

- Effective and transparent communication focused on delivery and optimization opportunities

- Thorough knowledge of your chosen location, including insights into local culture, relevant regulations, and the job market in the country and region

- Service-level agreements (SLAs) that will effectively guide our consultants’ efforts and secure your interests by clearly stating what has to be provided and how long it should take

- Attention to detail, proactive approach, understanding of the outsourcing market, and accountability


Industries we support from Poland

Banking and finance

Maxima Consulting has successfully supported banking and financial organizations around the world in facing their technology and workforce challenges since 1993 by providing best-in-class outsourcing solutions tailored to the industry’s notoriously difficult requirements.

Logistics and transportation

In today’s highly digitized world, our consultants support companies in the transport and logistics sector in reducing their operational costs, increasing their control over fleets and assets, accelerating crucial processes with automation, and working to improve user experience.

Energy and utilities

Companies in the energy sector utilize outsourcing to deal with complex issues ranging from regulatory compliance to managing industry-specific software. Our experts help these businesses modernize legacy systems, improve cross-departmental data flow, and meet ever-changing customer needs.


The telecommunications industry routinely encounters disruptions caused by emerging technologies. To offer these companies reliable and broad support that can result in increasing their competitive edge, our solutions for telcos include AI tools, big data analytics, and information risk management services.

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