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Complete Guide to Site Reliability Engineering

Download our SRE compendium for non-technical stakeholders and learn everything you should know about SRE, including the differences between SRE and similar approaches, shift left security, and leveraging SRE as a service.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a software engineering approach to IT operations that originated at Google in the early 2000s. Since then, it has been successfully adopted by numerous companies worldwide. 

Site reliability engineers use software to create scalable and reliable cloud environments for software systems. This guide was created to advise non-technical stakeholders on SRE principles and practices in the most thorough, systematic, and understandable way possible.

Inside the free ebook, you will find all the essential information about:

  • The basics of Site Reliability Engineering,
  • The main differences between SRE, DevOps, DevSecOps, and GitOps,
  • The connection between shift left security and SRE,
  • The impact of SRE practices on innovation and experimentation,
  • How to leverage the benefits of SRE in the form of managed services,
  • How to perform a SRE maturity assessment,
  • How to plan SRE implementation,
  • How to overcome the resistance to change among your workforce,
  • The top tools and technologies used by site reliability engineers,
  • Cloud Orbit, our SRE-based complete platform engineering solution,
  • How hyperscalers impact the cloud landscape and the future of SRE.

At Maxima Consulting, we aim to empower business leaders to leverage technology solutions to optimize their operations and future-proof their organizations. Our Complete Guide to Site Reliability Engineering Ebook is available for free download. We hope it will be a source of knowledge and inspiration.

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