Energy and utilities

IT experts who understand the energy and utilities industry

Companies in the energy sector deal with complex issues ranging from compliance with regulations to managing industry-specific software every day. Our expert consultants are perfectly qualified to aid these businesses in the seamless integration of systems, improving data flow and cross-departmental data availability, and providing a single access point for customers.

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of utilities executives believe emerging technologies enable their organization to have a broader and more ambitious vision 1
of oil, gas and utility organizations worldwide highlight data analytics as important 2
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IT solutions for the transport and logistics industry

Facility management systems

Maxima’s customizable software enables our clients to build and operate innovative tracking and managing systems for physical plants, including solar plants and wind farms. Our expert team can design, configure, and support these solutions throughout their lifecycle.

Smart energy project support

Advanced and easy-to-use management software is essential to succeed in many smart energy endeavors. Maxima’s IT consultants will develop, customize, and operate a solution tailor-fitted for accurate insights and increased control.

Energy management project solutions

Management software enables companies to save costs by tracking and forecasting their energy consumption. Our consultants enable businesses to achieve greater efficiencies by designing tailor-made solutions based on company-specific requirements.

Utility billing process automation

The rising popularity of automation results from its ability to streamline otherwise time-consuming processes and eliminate human-made errors. To provide satisfactory outcomes, our experts determine automation opportunities case-by-case.

Meter data management

Consolidating vast amounts of data from energy meters enables companies to calculate their billing determinants more accurately. Our specialists’ expertise in delivering such solutions is all you need to utilize this information effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects

AI-based predictive analytics is a fantastic aid in optimizing your business performance. With the support from Maxima’s consultants, you’ll discover ways to capitalize on artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that are most fitting for your company.


Build-Operate-Transfer in IT outsourcing explained

Learn what Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) in IT is, what are its pros and cons, and how your business can leverage it to access a global talent pool and retain ownership of your project.

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Maxima’s industry experts build you a tailor-made solution based on current industry standards, market trends, competition research, and their own experience. We ensure that our services are future-proof and facilitate your business growth.

Delivery and optimization

Our consultants begin working on your project, and we assign you an account manager to serve as your point of contact and dedicated advisor. Focused on maximizing your value, the consultants often discover more optimization opportunities.

Maxima’s approach

Strategy-focused mindset

Our consultants combine energy industry expertise with strong communication and analytical skills to provide solutions adjusted to the unique challenges your organization face.

Building the workforce of the future

Our experienced recruitment team navigates global talent pools to connect businesses with technology experts via direct recruitment, staff augmentation, and robust offshoring solutions.

Results-driven flexibility

Our expert advisors are open-minded and focused on delivering results that bring value to our client companies. With decades of experience in tech, we understand that ongoing success demands making improvements as fast as possible, not only when necessary.

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