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We help organizations worldwide develop, scale, and manage their IT environments. Since 1993, Maxima has always been a people-centric organization, meaning our primary focus is the satisfaction of both our clients and employees. Join us and enjoy the perks of a startup: flat structure, actual open-door policy, and help in your professional development, combined with a corporation’s stability.

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Reasons to join Maxima

We support your professional growth

Employing experts in their fields enables us to focus on long-term partnerships and sustainable growth. Maxima supports your professional advancement with access to training suitable for your level of expertise, a comfortable workspace, comprehensive health plans, and extra benefits.

Our core values are diversity & hard work

With robust relocation and visa policies in place, people from all over the world can build their careers at Maxima. Our organization consists of people with various cultural backgrounds who speak different languages and go by different pronouns. However, we all share one objective: building business value through technology.

We are a certified Great Place to Work

We understand that the employees are the true strength of our company, so we make sure working at Maxima is worth it. Many of our consultants have been with us for over ten years. Our retention reaches 90%. And in March 2022, Maxima became a certified Great Place to Work in Poland and the Netherlands.

Maxima’s values

We’re long-term thinkers focusing on reliability and trust.
Clients and employees come first, always.

People-centric approach

Relationships with employees and clients are crucial components of who we are. Our success comes from our people’s knowledge and skills. It depends on our ability to align our goals with those of our business partners.


Our self-initiative, willingness to act, and readiness to grow are traits that make us stand out from the crowd. By constantly developing ourselves, looking for creative solutions, knowing what to do, and taking the lead when necessary, we become trusted advisors to our clients.


Honest and open communication sets appropriate expectations and builds confidence in our abilities. Being transparent about our goals, requirements, ideas, and capabilities with our teams and partners leads to fruitful collaboration and facilitates growth.


We strive to make the best possible decisions and own the consequences of our actions. By taking ownership of our choices and judgments, we grow as professionals, build rapport with colleagues, and become trustworthy in the eyes of our partners.

High-performance mindset

Working smart to reach objectives quickly leaves us with time to iterate and innovate in search of improvements. We strive to constantly optimize our operations, discover better ways to solve challenges, and develop our skills in the process.

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Candidate experience

Recruitment process

We respect your time and effort, so we made our recruitment process as short and accessible as possible. Our recruitment team is committed to keeping you in the loop, answering all your questions, and making the expectations clear.



You apply for a job at Maxima.


We review your profile to see which opening suits you best.

Intro interview

You meet our recruiter via Google Meet for an introductory interview.

Technical interview

We meet again so you can demonstrate your skills.

Welcome aboard

You get a job offer. Congratulations!

Endorsements from our Employees

Read what Maxima's staff says

"Maxima wants your opinion on very subtle things in the organization"
Client Engagement Lead
"Everyone is treated equally here. No matter what your role is inside the company."
IT Recruiter
"You have many possibilities here. You can work on interesting, complex and innovative projects."
Workflow optimization PM
"Our management is just a call away from us"
"Maxima wants your opinion on very subtle things in the organization"
Client Engagement Lead
"Everyone is treated equally here. No matter what your role is inside the company."
IT Recruiter
"You have many possibilities here. You can work on interesting, complex and innovative projects."
Workflow optimization PM
"Our management is just a call away from us"

IT Candidates’ frequently asked uestions

What is a contract of employment?
An employment contract is a legal document that sets out the rights and responsibilities of the employer and employee. In most countries, the government regulates this type of contract as part of labor law.
What is a notice period?
The notice period is the time required for the employee to work after giving notice of their resignation or being laid off from their current job. Some countries regulate the notice period in labor law, and others leave it to companies. In almost all cases, it is specified in the contract of employment.
What does a flat structure / an open-door policy mean?
A flat structure is an organizational model where the executives and employees have direct contact. Hierarchy is minimal, and middle management exists only if necessary.
An open-door policy is an organizational practice where every employee can meet their superiors whenever they need to discuss anything job-related.
What is consulting?
Consulting is the business of supporting companies with expert advice and skill. IT consulting is delivering solutions for technological issues clients experience. Consulting at Maxima means providing growth-focused, future-proof IT expertise to clients wanting to stay ahead of the curve.
What benefits does Maxima provide?
Benefits vary depending on location and clients, but you can always message the recruiter and ask them to provide a detailed description of the benefits that the position you applied for grants.
Will I be hired directly by the client or by you?
In most cases, you will be employed by Maxima Consulting, but there are a few exceptions. If this information is not specified in the role description, feel free to message the recruiter responsible for it and ask.
What is the goal of an introductory call? Why don’t you start with a technical interview?
Before the technical interview, the recruiter needs to explain what you should expect from the following recruitment process steps. They also often need to clarify some information from the resume or ask about details regarding a specific project or certification.
Furthermore, people in technical positions are usually busy with regular work, so they trust the recruitment team to perform a short screening during the introductory call. Recruiters confirm that you are well-suited for the position, project, and company you applied for. In some cases, they suggest a similar role that better fits your personal interests, goals and skills.
What are a job opening, job description, and job offer?
A job offer is a formal invitation to work for a company received after successfully completing the recruitment process.
A job opening is a vacancy that an employer wants to fill.
A job description is a description of the company and project, as well as the responsibilities and tasks expected from an employee in this position. Companies post job descriptions on their career portals, job boards, and LinkedIn.
What is the role of the recruiter? 
Recruiters find and engage with promising candidates with relevant expertise, appraise the candidate-employer fit based on CV and introductory meetings, coordinate candidate’s technical interviews and meetings with managers, follow up in case of delays on either side, as well as communicate the recruitment process steps and its results.
At Maxima, recruiters want you to get a job that suits you and will make you happy to stay at our company. Our recruitment team suggests roles that align well with the candidate’s individual expectations and needs. The recruiter considers not only the job seeker’s technical skills but also their motivation, current professional circumstances, and further career plans to find a position that fits them perfectly.
How to relocate to the EU/Schengen country?
Relocating and working in the European Union may be very easy or fairly complex, depending on your situation.
  • Schengen Area citizens don’t need to apply for any visa or work permit in other Schengen Area countries. 
  • Citizens of countries that enjoy visa-free entrance to an EU country can sometimes work there legally for up to 180 days before a residence permit is needed.
  • For nationals of other countries, a visa and a work permit will usually be needed to be legally employed in any EU/Schengen country. 
  • Maxima’s HR department is exceptionally versed in the relocation process in Poland, the Netherlands, and Portugal. They will help you relocate if the position you’re hired for demands working from a specific EU/Schengen country.
How to relocate to the UK?
You will need a visa and a work permit if you’re a foreigner looking to work in the United Kingdom. There are many types of visas, and depending on the country you come from, and the length of your stay, you might be eligible for different ones. Fortunately, you can find out what type of visa you can apply for and what else you will need to immigrate legally by completing this simple form.
How to relocate to the USA?
Most foreigners who come to the United States of America to work need an immigrant visa. People with a family member who is a US citizen or permanent resident can apply for a family-based visa. Others usually need an employment-based visa, which requires one to be offered a job by a US employer.
How to work with delivery leads to start projects quickly?
A delivery lead is a person you will often collaborate with, as they act as a bridge between you and the stakeholders in the client company. It’s their job to facilitate your success and ensure everyone’s working towards a common goal. However, a delivery lead doesn’t always have the power to onboard you and grant you the necessary access as quickly as they’d like, as it often depends on client-side processes. Yet they will keep you in the loop and inform you about all upcoming onboarding activities.
What does the recruitment process look like?
The specifics can differ depending on the project, but generally, there are just 5 steps to this process.
  1. Application. You apply for a job that caught your attention and send Maxima your resume.
  2. Review. Our recruitment team scrutinizes your CV to determine if you’re a good fit for this specific position.
  3. Introductory interview. You meet our recruitment specialist online to discuss your application.
  4. Technical interview. A skilled expert assesses your knowledge and whether you have the necessary skills for the job.
  5. Offer. You get a job offer, work out the details with our recruiter and join the team.
What is the HR process after I get hired?
The details may vary depending on the project, but in general, the process is straightforward.
  1. HR specialist contacts you to describe the whole process in detail.
  2. You are invited to the HR system to input your personal information needed for the contract.
  3. HR team sends you the contract and all necessary documents to sign. After signing the documents, you keep one copy and send another one back to us in a provided envelope.
  4. We send you the tools you need to work a couple of days before your first day.
  5. On your first day, you begin onboarding by meeting our HR specialist online. They provide all the necessary information and introduce you to the company’s structure, basic processes, and HR platform.
  6. From now on, the HR manager will meet you monthly to ensure you’re okay and have everything you need to work comfortably.