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What does consulting mean at Maxima?

When expanding your business, sooner or later, you’ll need trusted advisors to keep the growth going and stay ahead of the curve.
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Patrick Jamal
Published on
August 16, 2022
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December 28, 2023

When expanding your business, sooner or later, you’ll need trusted advisors to keep the growth going and stay ahead of the curve. Within Maxima staff, we have experts who are dedicated and understand our client's environment inside and out. Read further to learn what such a consultancy can do for your business and how Maxima’s approach to consulting supports companies in making technology work for them.

Why is IT consulting important?

There’s only so much you can do by yourself in today’s economy. The challenges that global enterprises face are getting harder to resolve by traditional means every day. The constant influx of new technologies and developments resulting from the rising interconnectivity of various industries impact the immediate ecosystem of your business in ways that are difficult to grasp. Increasingly dynamic changes call for comparably dynamic solutions. The continuous growth of outsourcing, offshoring, and consultancy solutions seem to prove the assertion that you need partners for it.

The importance of technology in our interconnected world can’t be understated. But your in-house IT teams, immersed in the product and focused on maintenance and delivery, can often lack a visionary approach that is crucial to effective innovation. Still, hiring someone with that kind of approach (and the ability to back it up) can take months. So how do you access that top talent quickly?

This is precisely where technology consultants come in. With in-depth knowledge of your industry and immediate access to a versatile knowledge pool of their colleagues, external advisors give you access not only to their specialized viewpoints but a bird’s eye view of possibilities available for your company today and tomorrow. This unique scope, coupled with the unbiased approach of an outsider, can seriously improve your strategic planning and result in better business performance. When it comes to your existing technology team, the right advisor act to improve their productivity and make their focus on core business a strength, not a weakness.

“When you work in IT, you are a global citizen. Your client is sitting in Europe, your team is in the US, and you have more colleagues or backend offices in yet another part of the globe. So I feel if you work in an IT organization, you get a really diverse perspective.”
- Anurag Ratna, Client Engagement Lead and Global Delivery Manager at Maxima Consulting

Exhaustive industry know-how, diversified experience, and focus on results are three traits you can expect from consultants at Maxima. Including IT consultants like that in the process of forming your next business strategy will open the door to fulfilling your current digital needs and making your IT division champions of leading-edge solutions that can make your business futureproof and improve your cost-effectiveness.

When to hire a consultancy firm?

“In order to achieve any kind of success, you have to know what your goal is. Then, you need to understand what works and doesn’t work - that second part is much more important. Anyone can sell you anything when you’re ignorant, so you must make sure the solutions you choose fit your big idea before making it happen.”
- Patrick Jamal, President - Global Operations at Maxima Consulting

You may wonder when exactly is a good time to partner with a consultancy. It would be tough to answer thoroughly without inflating this article beyond the limit of anyone’s patience, so we settled on providing just a couple of conventional examples.

  • You are an executive who just recently got into the current position. The first 90 days of your appointment are crucial for setting up your future in the company, and the expectations are high. Searching for advice and building new business relationships is a way of showing your vision and value to the board.
  • You are the head of an IT department facing a skill shortage. You need to lighten the strain your employees feel before they’ll start quitting but also deliver the business requirements on time. Meanwhile, finding people who could just come in and help your people complete the critical project is seemingly impossible.
  • You are the company’s leading strategist who wants to put technology at the forefront. You understand the importance of digital evolution and want additional support in its implementation. You contemplate ways to include technology in your business strategy and how to utilize your existing strengths in the process.
  • You are a chief information security officer looking for a trusted cybersecurity auditor. You need a conversation partner who knows your industry standards as well as you do and has a proven track record of working with the top players. You know all too well to never settle for a second-best solution.

What is Maxima’s approach to consulting services?

“When I first approach a client, I start with answering the questions I think they might ask - before they even ask. It helps in establishing trust. And once I have it, I can focus on making sure that my team has all the resources needed to execute.“
- Peter Ticoalu, Business Manager Benelux at Maxima Consulting

We understand your process

When we come to you, we’re equipped with the knowledge you’d expect from a senior or a leader in your company. We obviously can’t know everything about your inner workings, but we know enough about the industry standards and the ecosystem surrounding your business to get up to speed in no time.

We are not “yes” people

When working with Maxima Consulting, you’ll quickly find us respectful of your achievements but also open about your company’s shortcomings and its opportunity for improvement. And since we sincerely believe that communication is the driving force for success, you will also notice that we are transparent about what we can and cannot do for you.

We value relationships

We put a lot of emphasis on our partner’s involvement and satisfaction. Our clients can count on regular meetings with Maxima’s leadership to benefit from their strategic overview and unique competence. Our sales team aims to become your trusted advisors who can educate you on the issue at hand and suggest several possible solutions for you to decide what suits your business best.

We look after our experts

Being a people-centric company, we put effort not only in relationships with business partners but with the employees as well. The understanding that our value comes from their expertise was at Maxima’s core since its inception. The team of consultants working for your company will enjoy full support from our exemplary HR department, who brought us the “Great Place to Work” certifications in 2022.

What do you get from working with Maxima?

You work with people who know the market

An expert in your field can educate you on tech in a way that relates to your experience. Someone who knows the practicalities of your industry will give you advice immediately, without you having to wait days or even weeks while an advisor does their research.

You profit from our availability

Our leadership will not disappear on you after leaving your office. At Maxima, we take full advantage of today’s connectivity possibilities to stay in touch with our business partners in ways that are comfortable for them.

You save time and costs

“Bringing the right experts in will cut down the digital transformation cost straight away. After assessing the abilities of the existing workforce, speaking to every stakeholder, understanding people's motivations, and learning what investment has already been made, the consultants will create a foundational strategy based on assets your organization already has.”
- Stacey Winter, Global Client Experience Director at Maxima Consulting

You increase your global presence

By investing in a certain region of the world, you make your brand recognizable there. Being internationally known as an outstanding employer can only improve your company's image. Even if your product or service isn't available overseas, you never know what the future will bring. 

You diversify your workforce

Diversity and inclusion isn't a fad that will pass - it's a movement, and it's here to stay. Embracing the international workforce means incorporating a broader range of various perspectives, better understanding of different categories of your consumers, enhancing the scope of available capabilities, and improving your general reputation.

You are always well-informed

We understand how important it is to be familiar with the project’s progress, challenges, and timelines. This is why we take our reporting and transparent communication so seriously. With Maxima, you will always get high engagement at all levels of cooperation - from the Chief of Staff to the project level.

Customer success stories

Browse our case studies to see how Maxima's expert consultants support our clients in improving the security administration, business intelligence solutions, and data migration from legacy systems projects.

“I relate to being an actor - in a sense that an actor can play roles of a doctor, a factory worker, or a carpenter. In IT, when building the products, we should act like a doctor if we are building a medical system. If we are working on a system for a bank - we should become a banker and know the operations and the products banks offer.”
- Hemantha Shankarachar - TripleA Consultant at Maxima Consulting

Make Maxima your trusted advisor

Since 1993, the goal of Maxima Consulting has been to analyze and satisfy partner enterprises’ IT needs beyond their immediate requirements. Our international team of expert consultants supports local and global organizations in the fields of digital transformation, robotic process automation, cloud solutions, quality assurance, and cybersecurity - to name just a few. With continuous investment in communication and the quality of our solutions, we can now take pride in exceptionally stable and long-lasting partnerships with businesses around the world. Take your first step to unlocking your company’s true IT potential by contacting us today.

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