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Companies in the telecommunications industry routinely encounter disruptions caused by emerging technologies. With Maxima Consulting’s reliable support, telcos can easily embrace innovative solutions, including artificial intelligence and big data analytics, to establish a competitive edge.

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- forecasted telco investments in AI 3

World-class IT solutions for telecommunication companies

Custom software development

Telecom service providers often utilize custom software both in customer-facing processes and internal systems. On the one hand, modern consumers demand web-based and mobile apps for self-service and personalized customer experience. On the other, custom-made microservices and automation solutions are needed to facilitate seamless interaction between various company-specific applications and reap the benefits of big data analytics.

Maxima Consulting’s flexible solutions range from strategic hires of niche network technologies experts to building a complete development team for your telco software project.

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IT infrastructure & cloud solutions

Rapid evolution of cloud computing revolutionized nearly all aspects of IT, including the way we manage infrastructure. Today, organizations in all industries, including the telecom sector, consider cloud adoption essential, even if they decide to maintain mainframe-based architectures. Infrastructure modernization and cloud migration projects are complex but enable companies to utilize advanced analytics, introduce new capabilities over the Internet, and embrace a customer-centric approach.

Working with specialized cloud network consultants means substantial improvements to any infrastructure strategy. Our expert advisors have broad experience in multiple mainframe modernization and cloud optimization projects.

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Telecom IT staffing

Finding the right employees for an IT project in the telecom industry is challenging for many reasons. The general tech skill shortage causes businesses from different sectors to compete for the best talent. The telecommunications-specific expertise needed in many positions to meet customer needs further reduces the number of suitable candidates. But to provide high-quality digital services to their customers, telcos need more and more IT employees every year.

With our best-in-class IT recruitment services, telcos benefit from a holistic workforce strategy and gain access to a global network of innovation-driven candidates. Our specialized staffing team understands the challenging IT job market and knows how to find professionals focused on bringing value to their employer.

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Enterprise software support

All Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and similar business management systems need reliable support and maintenance solutions to deliver the expected value. Just like every telecommunications company is unique, all enterprise software implementations need customization to facilitate organization-specific processes and ensure maximum efficiency.

Adopting a respected enterprise software solution is one thing. Using such software to transform a company is entirely different.

Maxima Consulting’s adaptive, corrective, and predictive maintenance solutions and reliable support teams have broad experience implementing, managing, and optimizing such systems. Our experts easily adapt to clients' business requirements in many different industries.

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Telco automation and big data solutions

Businesses in the telecom sector can vastly benefit from including data analytics in their digital strategies. Modern big data enables companies to identify patterns in previously unstructured data from multiple sources in order to extract actionable insights. They can be used, for example, to construct personalized offers for customers and facilitate data-driven decision-making for company leaders.

Maxima Consulting’s experts are always on top of current data and automation trends and know how to transform existing digital infrastructures to empower big data technologies for our telecom partners.

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Customer experience transformation

Telecommunications operators must adopt new digital solutions to satisfy market demands. But such transformation means new opportunities for companies willing to embrace a new mindset and partner with specialized IT service providers. New services enable them to emerge stronger and become more customer-centric.

A strategic partnership with an IT consultancy company allows businesses in the telecom sector to share the risks of such new endeavors with their vendors, improve sustainability, optimize cost, and receive strategic support in their digital transformation efforts.

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Three steps to your market advantage

Initial assessment

Our local consultant contacts you within 24 hours of receiving your message to schedule an intro call. Our specialists with telecom industry experience ask questions to learn about your company, project, requirements, and objectives.

Request for proposal

Maxima’s experts analyze your current situation, industry landscape, and goals to build a proposal tailored exactly to your business needs. As a result, we provide a comprehensive solution that stimulates your competitive edge.

Delivery and optimization

As the project starts, our consultants focus on delivering business value and enabling more optimization opportunities. A dedicated manager on our end supervises their progress and serves as your reliable advisor to facilitate communication.

Why Maxima Consulting?

Research-driven strategy

We base our services on meticulous research and deep industry knowledge. Moreover, our strategies are inherently flexible to ensure our telecom clients retain the possibility to change requirements to ensure benefits to their revenue.

Building the workforce of the future

We tailor our future-proof workforce solutions to the needs of our clients by working with top IT talent from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our global network of expert consultants provides the service you need wherever you need it.

Versatile technology services

From talent strategy and digital architecture design to software development and maintenance, Maxima Consulting delivers reliable solutions telecom operators require to appease their users and boost revenue.

Telecom IT consulting frequently asked questions

What are your top services for telecom companies?
Our consultants who worked with telcos emphasize the importance of automation (e.g., virtual assistants in customer-facing apps), cloud-enabled data analytics, and information security services.
What are the advantages of custom software in the telecommunications sector?
Custom-made customer-facing software enables telecom operators to differentiate themselves from other telecom service providers. It’s also a gateway to analyze customer behavior and introduce personalized offers for users.
Moreover, developing custom business-side software can satisfy various company-specific requirements and makes it easy to follow next-wave digital trends in the industry. Internal systems designed from the ground up for the particular telecom company can utilize existing systems and networks to enable a growth-driven digital transformation.
Which of your cloud solutions are recommended for telecom companies?
Dedicated telco clouds are software-defined infrastructures where virtualized network functions coexist with containers and microservices to enable a gradual transition to a fully cloud-native approach.
Most telecom operators could greatly benefit from connecting their systems to multiple cloud networks to avoid vendor lock-in and ensure the availability and reliability of their networks and services.
How is data analytics used in the telecom industry?
Telecommunication companies own massive amounts of data that can be a source of knowledge about the needs of their users and actual customer behavior patterns. Such information can be used in predictive maintenance to ensure the security of telco software products. With some automation, it can also be transformed into actionable insights for sales and facilitate personalized experiences for customers. Furthermore, data enables the organization’s leadership to use facts and metrics to guide their decision-making process.
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