Talent services for companies in the semiconductor industry

Maxima Consulting supports America’s semiconductor companies in relocating, hiring, and upskilling the top technical talent from EMEA and APAC. Enjoy future-proof workforce solutions tailored to your unique business requirements and combat the chip industry skills gap by accessing tens of thousands of international semiconductor employees.

Consultants meet to discuss how to recruit expert semiconductor workforce from various regions.

Workforce services for semiconductor companies

Relocate offshore talent to the US

Access a global pool of experts to manage the semiconductor industry talent gap. Get expert support from an international organization with a proven track record in finding, approaching, and relocating qualified candidates, including process engineers who play a crucial role in process stability, recipe optimization, and development within the semiconductor industry.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Optimize your talent acquisition by contracting out an entire recruitment cycle. Leverage external expertise across sourcing, interviewing, negotiating, and onboarding functions to quickly employ top semiconductor engineers and other technology experts who fit your company.

Workforce development initiatives

Adapt to shifting employee expectations and leverage proven HR policies to achieve high employee retention and satisfaction levels. Implement upskilling initiatives and other training programs to enable career advancement possibilities relevant to the semiconductor industry's workforce.

Global delivery model

Leverage the combined power of onshore and offshore outsourcing. Augment your on-site teams with leading semiconductor industry specialists and employ even more workers located in Eastern Europe and Asia to combat the most pressing talent issues and optimize your investment.

Your solution to the semiconductor talent shortage

Leverage our relocation expertise to bridge America's semiconductor talent gap

Maxima Consulting is a global workforce solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in diversified talent acquisition services for clients in many industries. We have a proven track record of working with companies in notoriously demanding sectors, including banking and finance, energy and utilities, insurance, life sciences, logistics, and telecommunications.

Recruit skilled employees from around the world quickly with proven processes

Thanks to our tried-and-tested processes, US semiconductor companies can quickly ramp up their workforce with top specialists. Our recruitment strategy is built to attract ambitious and skilled workers who fit our partners' company cultures. This enables our talent acquisition teams to fill positions fast and makes it easier for clients to retain employees in the long term.

Enjoy comprehensive workforce solutions tailored to your company's business needs

Our global presence and exceptional flexibility allow us to support our clients in semiconductor manufacturing with a much broader range of services than most of our competitors. From talent sourcing through relevant skills assessment, immigration support, and relocation assistance to onboarding programs, our consultants strive to surpass the expected results.

Decrease the attrition risk by hiring skilled workers who fit your company culture

When it comes to specialized technician jobs, the risk of high attrition must always be addressed. A semiconductor talent shortage is not an excuse to hire poorly fit employees, as doing so limits the returns on any recruitment investments. Our recruiters excel at screening candidates to ensure they possess all the needed skills before connecting them with clients.

Our approach to the semiconductor manufacturing sector challenges

Even with the historic investment of $500 billion made by the federal government to revitalize the American semiconductor industry, the insufficient number of skilled workers with relevant education and experience in the semiconductor sector remains an issue. To combat this prevalent talent shortage, semiconductor manufacturers need recruitment solutions customized to the industry’s demands.

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The caliber of their resources was top-notch. Culturally, they were closely aligned with inhouse resources versus limited as many traditional contract resources tend to be. I found Maxima to be continually receptive to any feedback or able to address any challenges in realtime.
Charles Griffith
CTO, Quiet Platforms, an American Eagle Company

Three steps to eliminating your workforce gap

First assessment

Within 24 hours of receiving your initial message, our local advisor will reach out to you to schedule an introductory meeting. During the meeting, our consultants will ask about your recruitment requirements, business goals, technology needs, and tools you use.

Request for proposal

Our experts use their experience in the industry to create customized solutions based on semiconductor industry standards, relevant market trends, and your immediate competitive landscape. This ensures a future-proof partnership that will support your business growth.

Delivery and optimization

Our recruiters begin the work. They find industry experts, assess their skills, connect your hiring managers with the best ones, and gather feedback to optimize the process. Our HR department supports the relocation and onboarding processes of successful candidates.

Why Maxima Consulting?

Efficiency: We strive to be as effective as possible and always look for opportunities to maximize our partners' added value.

Quality: We always maintain high standards to meet regulatory requirements and exceed your expectations.

Flexibility: You can always scale our services up to meet increased demand and down again when things return to normal.

Communication: We keep our clients in the loop with transparent, clear, and data-driven communication and regular updates.

Critical thinking: We are proactive problem-solvers who support your decision-making processes with data, knowledge, and experience.

Adaptability: We understand the semiconductor industry and tailor our solutions to meet the demands of the sector.

Innovation: Our consultants stay ahead of recruitment and technology trends and integrate useful new tools into our processes.

Cost reduction: Our solutions are designed to be as cost-effective as possible without compromising performance.

Technology adoption: We can support you in adopting new technologies that improve operational efficiency and quality.

Let's build a partnership that keeps on giving in the long term!

Our people-centric approach and expertise in what we do often result in long-term relationships with employees and clients.

  • With more than 1,000 successfully delivered projects, we have become trusted advisors to many global enterprises in banking, energy, logistics, and other industries.
  • We tailor our services to the demands of semiconductor manufacturing to offer a comprehensive, cost-optimized, and reliable solution.
  • With more than 700 experts across three continents, Maxima Consulting's attrition rate is 9% under the industry average.
  • We're a certified Great Place to Work in India, the Netherlands, and Poland.
  • We were awarded a place in the Top 100 Staffing Companies to Work For at the World Staffing Awards 2023.
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Frequently asked questions

What has been done to address America's semiconductor talent shortage up to this day?

Addressing the semiconductor industry's workforce shortage is crucial for the success of both the U.S. economy and the semiconductor industry.

The CHIPS Act of 2022 was crucial in addressing talent shortage by advancing the domestic STEM pipeline, establishing technology centers, and providing education funds for technical colleges across the USA. The Semiconductor Industry Association has emphasized the importance of closing the semiconductor industry talent gap through initiatives like regional programs in partnership with local community colleges.

However, the CHIPS Act and such collaborative initiatives aimed at today's high school students require time to significantly increase the number of needed experts. Meanwhile, companies experience a semiconductor talent shortage today.

What can be done to address the talent shortage in the semiconductor industry today?

The rising demand for semiconductor technology is a key driver of the growing need for semiconductor employees. The number of new jobs in semiconductors and the demand for such workers is expected to rise further in the coming years.

By working with specialized vendors, semiconductor manufacturing enterprises can access expert talent outside their primary location and relocate experts from Asia, the European Union, other regions of Europe, and South America. Tapping into global talent pools can enable the American semiconductor industry to utilize experienced employees with relevant engineering skills and knowledge of suitable technologies.

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