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International experience in recruiting IT professionals, executive talent acquisition, staffing, and outsourcing focused on securing top talent for our partners.
Augment your in-house staff with global talent
Easily build an entire remote team from scratch
Quickly hire technology experts your business needs
Mitigate your risks with the help of the recruiting agency
Reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of candidates
Enjoy consultative approach and industry standards expertise
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Get access to expert talent worldwide

Hire technical experts worldwide with ease. Ensure your new employees provide value to your business with a trusted recruitment and outsourcing partner.

Our workforce solutions include:

Onshore and offshore outsourcing

Hire IT professionals with the right skills abroad to reduce costs and increase operational flexibility. Leverage the experience of a global IT staffing agency to attract top talent, boost your brand recognition abroad, and effortlessly satisfy local regulatory requirements.

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Staffing and staff augmentation

Secure a steady flow of quality candidates for multiple positions or expand the capabilities of your existing technology team by hiring one perfect person to fill the expertise gap. Ensure new employees succeed with our professional human resources support and onboarding.

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IT recruitment services

Use our specialized IT recruiters to access top candidates with relevant skills and experience. Minimize the involvement of your hiring managers by working with professionals who understand your expectations and provide preselected profiles that fit your project and company culture.

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Executive recruitment services

Hire accomplished managers and top specialists across industries. Build your competitive advantage by hand-picking every noteworthy employee from a preselected pool of professionals who understand your business and are ready to implement strategies needed for future business growth.

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Work with Maxima Consulting to simplify building teams in new locations. We will handle legal requirements, establish a subsidiary company, and recruit an entire team for your organization. Then, when it’s fully operational, we will transfer its ownership to you.

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Tailored individual solutions

Find experts beyond information technology with our versatile recruitment team. From sourcing candidates for direct hire to complete recruiting process outsourcing, our recruiters have the knowledge and experience needed for success. Partner with us for robust talent solutions and a flexible approach tailored to fit the individual business needs of our clients.

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Clients’ success stories

Building an entire security team

We created a new cybersecurity support team of 30+ multilingual IT consultants in Poland as part of our client’s initiative to build a global hub and grow internationally.

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Recruiting experts to create a global accounting system

We helped an international financial institution recruit experienced software developers and QA engineers to support the creation of their accounting system.

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Reliable and flexible recruitment services

Maxima Consulting became our clients’ trusted source for global talent by carefully assessing candidates, proactively approaching them, and supporting our partners in human resources and onboarding tasks. We are a people-centric organization that strives to empower companies by recommending skilled professionals who provide world-class expertise to employers.

Top benefits our recruiters bring to organizations

Governance and responsibility

Experience outstanding client service with a single dedicated contact person and expect total commitment from our entire team.

Global operations

Leverage our nearshore and offshore outsourcing services that facilitate companies to grow without unnecessary risks and costs.

Vast talent pool

Tap into global tech talent effortlessly with specialized IT recruiters and connect to candidates with industry insight and correct priorities.

Strategic approach

Build your workforce strategy upon years of international experience and utilize current recruiting trends to attract valuable candidates.

Effective candidate search

Access niche technology expertise with job descriptions that address the needs of an expert job seeker and proactive recruiting tactics.

Tailor-made solutions

Enjoy services tailored to your business needs, whether you require an IT outsourcing vendor, direct hiring support, or temporary staffing.

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Three steps to better talent acquisition


Getting to know each other

What happens: Within 24 hours of your message, our outsourcing and recruiting expert schedules an introductory call to learn about your firm and its staffing needs.

What do you get:

  • one point of contact with a dedicated business-savvy consultant
  • an initial assessment, including the ideal candidate profile and industry-specific factors

Customizing our services to your company

What happens: We tailor our services to suit your unique requirements based on the industry you’re in, the type of project you need support with, and current recruiting trends.

What do you get:

  • tailor-made solution complete with timetables, deliverables, and estimated budget
  • extra recommendations focused on enabling your growth and improving your employer brand

Flexible hiring process

What happens: Our local offices handle regulatory requirements, and our recruitment team starts the search for talented candidates suited to your project and company culture.

What do you get:

  • a team of recruiters acquainted with relevant industry standards, your firm, and its business needs
  • a pool of prospective employees where every candidate has what it takes to excel at their job
  • cost savings and minimal involvement of your hiring managers

Focus on delivering value

For more than 30 years, Maxima Consulting has supported businesses of all sizes by taking the role of staffing/recruiting firm and outsourcing solutions vendor. Our comprehensive workforce services include direct staffing, staff augmentation initiatives, building entire nearshore and offshore development centers, as well as conducting Contract-to-Hire and Build-Operate-Transfer projects.

We assisted in recruiting technology experts and people for executive positions for employers in banking and finance, pharma and healthcare, transport and logistics, energy and utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing, and insurance industries, among many others. With offices around the world, we have the experience, infrastructure, and insight needed to search for candidates and set up subsidiary companies in virtually any country.

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Articles by our expert IT recruiters

Oskar Mieczkowski
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How to choose the right IT staffing firm for your business?

Discover IT staffing pros and cons, learn how to choose a trusted partner, and explore alternatives.
Oskar Mieczkowski
May 15, 2024

Optimizing healthcare talent acquisition: A guide to recruitment process outsourcing in healthcare

RPO in healthcare means accessing expert talent and new technologies while decreasing costs.
Felicjan Rybka
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Guide to talent acquisition strategy for organizations of all sizes

With so many recruitment models, a successful talent acquisition strategy needs tailored solutions.

Workforce solutions FAQ

Learn how Maxima Consulting differs from a typical recruiting agency or staffing firm, and learn more about the various workforce solutions we provide.

What are the types of recruiting?
Talent acquisition is a broad task that can be performed in a number of different ways. Depending on your talent acquisition strategy and business needs, your organization should adopt different methods.
Internal recruitment occurs when a company seeks to fill a new position by transferring or promoting its current staff. It is usually performed by combining efforts of in-house recruitment and HR departments.
Direct recruitment, where a company utilizes an assortment of tools and methods, like posting on job boards, utilizing employee referrals, and advertising, to find candidates from outside the organization to hire them directly. It can be done either by in-house recruiting teams or by collaborating with an external staffing company.
The contract-to-hire method is often utilized when a company wants to mitigate the risk involved in hiring new people. The organization works with a third-party staffing vendor to find suitable candidates who are initially offered short-term contracts with the vendor. After a specified period is over, a contractor who performs the job satisfactorily receives a permanent contract and becomes the organization’s employee.
Outsourcing involves setting up a subsidiary company, usually abroad, typically in collaboration with a local partner, to find and hire specialists that are hard to find locally or to optimize the cost of building a new branch. There are many different approaches to outsourcing, including Build-Operate-Transfer.
What is the role of a recruitment/staffing agency?
Staffing and recruiting companies support businesses in talent acquisition tasks, from creating actionable strategies through sourcing candidates to performing initial job interviews with top prospective newcomers to assess their expertise and lessen the workload of hiring managers.
Such companies can also guide your approach to talent acquisition in a new country, as they often operate on a global scale.
What is the difference between a typical recruiting firm and an IT staffing company?
Hiring technology experts who fit the company culture and strive to fulfill the organization’s business objectives is an intricate process that benefits from specialized skills. IT staffing companies have access to global talent pools of highly skilled experts and understand what it takes to be a top performer at a technology-related job. Compared to a typical staffing agency, working with industry specialists is usually easier for internal technology leaders and more effective.
Learn how a specialized IT consulting company can aid you in attracting IT A-Players to your organization.
Are specialized information technology recruiters worth it?
IT recruiting teams utilize many techniques to attract a perfect candidate, including directly approaching a promising person, pooling from their internal databases and referrals, attending and holding career development events, and focused advertising.
More often than not, they are well-versed in technology trends and understand all crucial concepts associated with quality assurance, cloud infrastructure, and information security. IT talent acquisition specialists know what questions to ask when interviewing a person interested in a programming job and can drastically reduce the time your managers have to spend on interviewing candidates.
To learn more, read our thorough guide to recruiting the best tech talent.
What does recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) mean?
RPO involves delegating all (or some) recruiting activities to a third-party vendor. In the IT industry, where businesses must compete for the best talent, RPO presents numerous opportunities for employers.
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