IAMS - Security Administration

One of the world’s largest asset management institutions asked Maxima Consulting to create a new cybersecurity support team of 30+ multilingual IT consultants in Poland as part of their global hub strategy. Our access to a global talent pool enabled us to deliver in record time.

Executive Summary / Key Highlights:

  • Global project spanning multiple US cities, the UK, and mainland Europe.
  • One of the leading global financial institutions.
  • Team of over 30+ people in Gdańsk.
  • Standing up a new team comprising of security admins, and a multilingual help desk team to support both internal and external communications.

The Client:

One of the world's largest asset management and financial services institutions.

Problem Statement:

The client asked us to stand up a new security support team as part of their global hub strategy. It was a challenge due to few candidates meeting our requirements. We were looking to build a new team with experienced business analysts, security administrators and multilingual support specialists for both internal and external communications.


We worked closely as client partners to carefully stand up their new teams for this project. This consisted of multiple stakeholders in multiple countries working together. We successfully delivered a new team in Poland meeting all of their requirements and even invested in the team training by sending key members to the UK for onsite KT. In the end this proved to be a successful project for both Maxima and our client.


This project was a great success for us and our client. In record time we created a team of 30+ multilingual consultants (German, Italian, French, English). This project was done on a contract-to-hire model and eventually the team had a successful handover to our client as full time employees. After 2 years since the client handoff, over 90% of the original team members are still part of the team, providing great retention and building career opportunities.