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BOT allows you to battle the talent shortage, save costs and time, and preserve control. Use our knowledge of local specifics to build a successful team abroad and manage it until it's mature enough to be transferred to your organization.

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Why is BOT so suitable for IT projects?

The BOT model is best for establishing a new nearshore or offshore facility and recruiting an entire team to develop a new product and achieve quick results with minimal risk involved.

The model is most frequently used by big international enterprises that need an alternative to building an in-house team but are not content to use more traditional IT and recruitment outsourcing solutions.

Build-Operate-Transfer enables significant savings, grants access to an additional talent pool, and simplifies retaining the full ownership of a product.

Maxima Consulting has completed several Build-Operate-Transfer contracts, including an intricate Security Administration project for a company in a highly-regulated financial industry.

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Build-Operate-Transfer in IT outsourcing explained

Learn what the Build-Operate-Transfer model is, how it differs from traditional IT outsourcing, how long does it typically last, and what are its pros and cons.

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Learn the basics of Build-Operate-Transfer

Three phases of BOT

The Build-Operate-Transfer model addresses the fundamental challenge of control in outsourcing by ensuring the ultimate client’s ownership.


A vendor recruits and onboards your new team of experts, secure the premises and equipment, and takes care of all the formalities.


The team works on the projects, align the processes with your organization and get used to your company's culture while upskilling and growing to the desired size.


After achieving a full operational stability, vendor hands over the staff, equipment and facilities to the client according to previously agreed upon transfer procedure.

Building and maintaining a new IT hub in a foreign location is easier when utilizing your local partner’s knowledge of the market, regulations, and business practices. After a previously agreed-upon time - or when a facility becomes stable - its ownership is transferred to your company.

Top benefits of Build-Operate-Transfer in IT

You get access to a wide array of talent in distant locations.

Your partner’s local know-how results in a short time-to-value.

The risk is shared between your organization and your vendor.

You save time and money while retaining ownership.

BOT is easily scalable and flexible enough to adjust the requirements when needed.

Your new local team is motivated to embrace the company culture.

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