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Easily access Site Reliability Engineers in a SRE as a service model

Bridge the gap between development and operations with the Site Reliability Engineering approach. Ensure better communication, faster problem-solving, and improve the pace of new releases. Choose Maxima Consulting to gain instant access to high-quality SRE expertise and experience in an “as a service” model - whenever you need it and for a reasonable price.

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Why choose Maxima Consulting as your SRE provider?

Get expert support in optimizing your product's underlying infrastructure.

Empower your development team to respond accurately to any changes in demand.

Boost the end-user experience by ensuring the continuous availability of your digital products and services.

Get strategic advice on optimization and prioritization straight from world-class SRE experts.

Work with satisfied consultants from a people-centric company that supports its employees and delivers exceptional client experience.

Join Maxima Consulting at the forefront of innovation and get exceptional value from our future-proof solutions.


Complete guide to SRE as a service

Learn what SRE is, what a Site Reliability Engineer does, how it differs from DevOps, and what are the benefits of an SRE as a service model.

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How does collaborating with Maxima look like?

Initial technical consultation

Before contract finalization, we engage in a comprehensive technical discussion to define the scope of work, tasks to be delegated, and day-to-day operational expectations. Our Chief Cloud Architect will evaluate your existing resources to identify potential areas for optimization and enhancement.

Onboarding and parallel run (Month 1)

We swiftly integrate our resources and tools into your system upon contract initiation. The first three weeks are dedicated to an intensive knowledge transfer phase, where our specialists immerse themselves in understanding your environment, existing processes, and audit requirements. This period focuses on identifying optimization opportunities and analyzing incident reports from the past six months.

Overlap phase (Month 2)

Based on the achievements of the initial month, our team may transition to take on the primary role. This phase involves running concurrently with your current team, allowing you to assess our performance and determine the timing for an entire shift. Weekly reports on our activities and progress will be provided during this period.

Transition and optimization planning (Month 3 and beyond)

This phase marks the transition of your operations entirely to our platform, with your team gradually stepping back. We will leverage the insights gathered to present an optimization roadmap outlining achievable goals and strategies to enhance operations over the coming months. The roadmap will cover incident reduction, uptime enhancement to Five9s, developer productivity boosts, and quicker issue resolution.

Regular operations and reporting

With the transition complete, our team assumes full responsibility for your SRE operations, delivering weekly reviews and monthly progress reports. These reports will detail critical metrics such as deployment frequency, cost savings, and completed transitions. Our collaboration with the program owner ensures our efforts consistently align with your business objectives.

Commitment to excellence

We are dedicated to alleviating the burden of managing SRE operations from your shoulders. In an ideal scenario, the transition to our management can be achieved within two months. In less time-sensitive situations, a three-month timeframe allows for thorough integration and optimization, ensuring tangible results within the same fiscal quarter of engagement.

When an IT consultancy firm delivers Site Reliability Engineering solutions as needed, it’s called SRE as a Service (or Managed SRE). It's a perfect opportunity for businesses that don’t employ SRE and DevOps experts full-time to reap the benefits of such expertise. These consultants, heavily specialized in cloud technologies, usually focus on bridging the gap between software development and IT operations teams.

Explore the benefits of Site Reliability Engineering

The SRE approach enables companies to improve system resilience, system management, and system design, as well as automate operations tasks more quickly.

The site Reliability Engineer will ensure the right balance between releasing new features and ensuring reliability for users.

Automating routine manual tasks allows developers to focus on programming.

Managed SRE allows your company to utilize specialized SRE services when needed.

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