Outsourcing IT projects to India with Maxima Consulting

Since its opening in 2010, our office in Pune has been a cornerstone of managed IT services we provide for the banking and finance industry, energy and utilities suppliers, pharma and healthcare companies, and clients in other sectors. Years of supporting global organizations in meeting their IT and workforce requirements have made our experts in India well-equipped to handle various technology projects successfully.

Supported by Maxima’s experienced talent acquisition team, our office in India offers our partners worldwide excellent offshore outsourcing solutions in various business and pricing models tailored to each client’s unique needs.

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Your trusted offshoring partner in India

Access offshore developers, testers, security experts, and other IT professionals from India to build a dedicated team that will efficiently support your projects.

Leverage Maxima Consulting’s effective communication tools and processes to facilitate cooperation between your offshore team and existing in-house teams.

Work with world-class experts versed in both legacy programming languages and today’s in-demand technologies, ready to tackle even the most complex projects.

Our leading outsourcing services in India

Software development

Partner with us to build custom applications and modernize your legacy solutions while improving your overall cost-effectiveness. With efficient project management, predictable pricing models, and an unwavering commitment to customer value and service quality, our developers deliver thoroughly tested and secure software that your users will love.

Software testing

Increase your competitive advantage by utilizing offshoring capabilities in quality assurance and software testing. Benefit from our consultants’ QA expertise, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of the latest trends to effortlessly resolve even the most critical issues across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) of your digital products.

Cloud services

Leverage the benefits of modern public, private, and hybrid cloud without worrying about excess costs and downtime. Our expert cloud consultants utilize DevOps and SRE practices to modernize legacy software for cloud migration purposes, improving your control over cloud spending while optimizing the accessibility and security of your IT systems.

Software maintenance

Modern software applications that rely on cloud services, third-party frameworks, and external libraries must be regularly revised and updated to remain fully operational. With us as your outsourcing partner, your organization can ensure the longevity of its digital products with offshore talent and let your in-house teams focus on developing new features.

IT support services

We will help you build a dedicated team of IT support professionals in India and improve user experience for everyone in your organization at the same time. Our recruitment team will ensure the offshore team is a great cultural fit for your company, and our human resources department will help the consultants understand the nuances of your industry.

Top benefits of offshore outsourcing to India

Access to a large pool of skilled developers and engineers

In 2021 alone, the Indian education system produced 1.5 million engineering graduates. Vast talent pools in India are one of the main reasons companies choose to do business in this location, even if the offshore team and in-house team reside in different time zones. With so many promising candidates to choose from, specialized offshore partners with local experience are essential to evaluate new joiners and ensure they understand your company culture.

Significantly lower costs in comparison to onshore vendors

Many pro-business regulations combined with a growing economy make India one of the top countries where companies can reap the benefits of IT outsourcing. First, local software engineers, cybersecurity experts, and other IT professionals demand lower wages than their counterparts in Europe and North America. Second, there are many incentives for businesses willing to invest in the country. By working with an experienced offshoring partner, you ensure your company will leverage all available advantages of outsourcing to India.

English proficiency and efficient communication

English is an official language in India, so basic communication with local authorities, partners, vendors, and employees is effortless. However, to efficiently navigate possible cultural differences and utilize local resources well, your outsourcing strategy should involve partnering with an offshoring provider with experience in that location. Adhering to local regulations will be easier with such a provider, and a trusted partner will also make sure your recruitment and management practices show respect for local customs and meet candidates’ expectations.

Increasing competitive advantage through global operations

Today’s global market economy pressures even the most successful companies to reevaluate their business and location strategies and reenvision themselves to meet the demands of the digital era. Any organization that ignores the modern market landscape risks falling behind, regardless of its size and industry. With this outlook, offshoring and outsourcing emerge as proven methods of improving the customer experience, driving innovation, fulfilling stakeholders’ expectations, reducing costs, and increasing the overall business value of a company.

"I am deeply touched by the commitment and efforts made on the ETF project testing. Your Consultant is and has been working day/night to deliver (project and end-to-end testing with Custody). She is a very knowledgeable and committed resource, in my opinion, and I would like to appreciate her for all her efforts on this ETF project. Great work, and keep up your efforts!"

Assistant Vice-President, Major Financial Institution

Meet our team in India

Vinit Keshari
Chief Operating Officer
Since joining Maxima Consulting in 2001, our COO Vinit Keshari has been an ardent advocate of innovative workforce solutions and state-of-the-art service models. Through his strategic insight, the company was able to shape our IT services in a way that maximizes consultant productivity while allowing our team to cherish their work and constantly develop their skills and knowledge. Mr. Keshari’s leadership has been instrumental in developing a globally recognized offshoring delivery model that results in fulfilling our clients’ requirements with continued success.
Shraddha Khare
HR Director - Global Operations
As the Human Resource Director for the USA, India, Canada, and Costa Rica, I lead with a commitment to excellence, fostering a dynamic and cohesive workforce that respects local nuances while driving global HR strategies. With in-house expertise in immigration, we ensure seamless integration and compliance across borders, developing inclusive practices and robust development programs that enhance employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction across all regions. By aligning HR initiatives with business objectives, I ensure operational excellence and a high-performance culture that supports our global vision and organizational effectiveness in each country."
Sandeep Singh
Global Client Partner Director
Committed to building and nurturing strong relationships with key stakeholders worldwide, I am an expert in crafting strategic partnerships that align with corporate visions and adapt to market demands. As your trusted advisor for global expansion and partnership success, I harness the power of collaboration to propel business success and ensure client satisfaction on a global scale.
Savita Shukla
Assistant Director - HR & Talent Acquisition
Over my decade-long tenure at Maxima IT Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., I have contributed significantly to our global growth as Assistant Director of HR & Talent Acquisition. My role centers on empowering our workforce through a culture of innovation, diversity, and inclusion. I focus on strategic talent development, ensuring every team member feels valued and excels. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration addresses both professional and personal challenges, fostering a supportive environment where diverse talents thrive.
Tushar Karandikar
Chief Technology Officer
As the Chief Technology Officer for our India operations, I am committed to leading technology innovation and strategy, driving digital transformation to enhance business efficiency and customer experience. I pioneer the integration of advanced technologies, fostering a culture of innovation and technical excellence. My focus is on leveraging data analytics and AI to optimize performance, while ensuring robust, secure, and transformative technology solutions that meet evolving market demands. I guide our teams through rapid technological changes, championing sustainable practices and building a resilient IT infrastructure to support our strategic goals and enhance operational agility.
Prasad Durgaoli
Director of Infrastructure
As the Director of Infrastructure for our India operations, I am dedicated to strategically developing and modernizing our infrastructure to support scalable growth and technological advancement. I lead efforts to integrate smart technologies, ensuring resilient and efficient infrastructure that meets the dynamic needs of our market. My commitment extends to enhancing safety, compliance, and performance, while fostering strong partnerships for timely and budget-compliant project delivery. Guiding a team of professionals, I champion innovative solutions and sustainable practices, anticipating future needs to maintain excellence and reduce environmental impact in our infrastructure operations.

We are a certified Great Place To Work in India!

In February 2024, Maxima Consulting in India earned an independent Great Place To Work certification based on an anonymous in-depth survey performed by external researchers to capture and assess our employees’ satisfaction levels.

Great Place To Work is a globally recognized organization that evaluates workplace culture and talent experience in many countries. Since 1992, over 100 million employees worldwide have participated in GPTW surveys. Receiving a Great Place to Work certification in India proves that Maxima Consulting’s people-centric approach functions as intended.


Three reasons to outsource your IT project to India with Maxima Consulting


You can choose from multiple offshoring models

- Benefit from our standalone offshore development center, which can hire a dedicated team of experienced engineers to work on your project remotely.

- Fill any knowledge gaps with staff augmentation services, where our specialized IT recruitment team finds offshore software engineers, security specialists, or professionals with other relevant expertise to strengthen your existing technology team.

- Leverage our managed information technology services and work with a team of offshore consultants who provide the skills and knowledge needed to fully manage specific IT tasks, such as quality assurance, software maintenance, or security.

- Combine the support you get from an external IT provider, reduce operational risks, and maintain control over your facilities with the Build-Operate-Transfer model.


Leverage the latest trends in outsourcing and workforce services

- Be on top of IT market and innovation trends with guidance from our expert consultants and senior developers.

- Enjoy proactive and transparent client service focused on facilitating the delivery process and enabling smooth communication with your remote team.

- Benefit from our mature processes and efficient toolsets. Leverage our automation and artificial intelligence (AI) skills to streamline your operations.

- Work with an outsourcing partner who prioritizes quality. As the global IT industry and job market evolve, the future of outsourcing lies in combining onshore, nearshore, and offshore capabilities.


Overcome the challenges of outsourcing IT to India

- Reduce the risk to your organization with a precise service-level agreement (SLA) and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

- Enjoy an effective communication process facilitated by a dedicated client partner located in your country or region.

- Ensure the cultural fit of offshore employees with a reliable recruitment process tailored to businesses coming from distant countries.

- Protect your IT systems and customers’ data with a shift-left security approach and full-scale support from our cybersecurity officers.


Industries our IT experts in India support

Banks and financial organizations

Many banks and financial institutions successfully leveraged our IT outsourcing services to hire offshore developers, including experts in niche programming languages and industry-specific technologies. Our IT offshoring solutions meet the banking industry’s famously difficult requirements and facilitate an excellent user experience for customers worldwide.

Learn more

Healthcare, pharma and life science institutions

Life sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare organizations’ interest in informational technology and outsourcing solutions steadily grows, and rightfully so. Thanks to automation, big data analytics, AI/ML, and cloud computing, our clients in this industry are able to leverage numerous innovations, including EHR systems, virtual care software, patient self-service apps, and therapeutic wearables.

Learn more

Energy and utility providers

Companies in the energy and utilities market face a variety of complex issues, including the development and maintenance of industry-specific software that could be easily outsourced to an offshore team. Our expert IT consultants in India are fully prepared to assist businesses in this sector in systems integration, formulating and enforcing data access policies, and various infrastructure tasks.

Learn more

Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies can work with an offshoring partner to hire teams of developers needed to automate the production process (or other processes). Moreover, outsourcing services make finding engineers with niche legacy skills to upgrade outdated software easier. Our technology consultants will also help you implement implementing modern quality control systems and custom software development.

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Facts about Pune

Pune is considered the "IT hub of India", its IT industry employs over 500,000 people, accounting for 30% of the total IT workforce in India

The city has a well-developed infrastructure, including a modern airport, efficient public transportation, and reliable power and internet connectivity

The city has a highly skilled and educated workforce, with over 100 engineering colleges and universities producing over 80,000 graduates annually

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Frequently asked questions about outsourcing to India

What is the difference between offshoring, nearshoring, and onshoring?
Onshoring refers to a practice where a company outsources some of its operations to another company in your country.
Nearshoring refers to contracting out these tasks to companies located in nearby countries. For example, if your headquarters are in the UK, outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe would count as nearshoring.
Offshoring means working with an outsourcing partner in a distant place, typically in a completely different time zone. For example, if you’re located in the USA, offshoring could mean partnering with a company in India or building a development center in Poland.
What is a global delivery model?
The global delivery model is an outsourcing strategy that combines onshore, nearshore, and offshore partnerships to decrease costs and maximize revenue without sacrificing the quality of utilized technology services. For example, IT help desk consultants located across the Americas, Europe, and Asia can easily perform top-notch support services to customers 24 hours a day, with employees in different time zones being responsible for different time slots.
What is the Build-Operate-Transfer model in IT outsourcing?
In a BOT project, we will establish an entire subsidiary company for your organization and hire all project managers, IT experts, HR specialists, and other essential staff needed to run it. Then, we will optimize the facility operations and transfer the company ownership back to you after an agreed period.