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Cloud Migration Factory is a complete migration solution for companies of all sizes

Cloud Migration Factory is a comprehensive array of software modernization and cloud migration services. Working with our cloud experts guarantees a seamless transition to the cloud, promotes enhanced security measures, and brings reduced costs for organizations that face complex challenges in their digital transformation journeys.

  • Small and medium enterprises use this solution to migrate their IT solutions to an already-optimized cloud environment to future-proof their operations.
  • Large enterprises utilize our modernization expertise to make their legacy applications compatible with modern software and cloud-based infrastructures.
  • International organizations leverage our cloud consulting services to integrate disconnected regional systems into one global multicloud or hybrid cloud solution.

Our best-in-class migration factory services are based on Maxima Consulting’s extensive background in enterprise migrations coupled with thoroughly tested tool selection and a deep understanding of cloud best practices and standards. We understand your migration project is only the first step to reaching full digital potential, so our migration services aim to build cloud environments capable of further optimization.

By working with our expert cloud migration consultants, your organization gets the access to:

  • niche skills and extensive hands-on experience across industries needed to modernize any legacy application
  • our library of hardened stacks and thoroughly tested automation solutions that simplify app modernization and data migration and reduce our total migration costs
  • best practices of Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps approaches that fully support infrastructure as code

More than cloud migration consulting services

Strategy-first approach

We make sure that our research-based cloud migration strategy is tailored to the individual needs of your organization. Understanding our clients’ goals and business environment is a priority for our cloud consultants, who use their expertise to map out any potential obstacles to ensure the project’s success.

Excellent service and transparent pricing

Maxima Consulting is a people-centric company that stresses the importance of partnership. We’re dedicated to providing excellent client service and making communication seamless and direct. When partnering with us, you will also enjoy a transparent pricing model and reduce your operating costs.

Multi-cloud & on-premises environments ready

Our team of cloud experts is fully capable of managing multi-cloud adoption projects. With experienced infrastructure-agnostic consultants, we have the ability to revamp your systems, hosted anywhere from a cutting-edge cloud solution to a traditional on-premise environment.

Automation-powered security, observability, and auditability

Advanced automation enables us to deliver excellent security, observability, and auditability. SRE-ready environments we provide are efficient, effective, and free from human-made errors.

Comprehensive expertise

Since 1993, we have developed a thorough expertise in modernizing legacy apps. Our wide experience covers everything from ensuring compliance with regional data protection laws such as GDPR and CCPA to dealing with Air Gapped Networks.

Quick and reliable cloud adoption

We developed over 190 predefined cloud adoption templates, and more are added every month to provide our clients with the latest and most effective solutions.

Cloud Orbit Migration Factory top use cases

Lift and shift

The “lift-and-shift” cloud migration model involves transferring applications and data from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud without making significant changes. It’s a straightforward approach that offers quick results while minimizing complexity and disruption.


Refactoring involves restructuring code to optimize performance without altering software’s user-facing behavior and functionalities. Refactoring is an effective migration strategy when dealing with technology incompatibilities or gaps, as it ensures a smooth transition to the cloud, minimizes disruptions, and maximizes the benefits of cloud computing.

Websphere to Tomcat migration

Transitioning from Websphere to Tomcat (or any other modern server) is a great way to enable faster and more cost-effective processes. Cloud Orbit Migration Factory allows for a seamless transition that opens up new possibilities for your software, ensuring enhanced performance, increased scalability, improved flexibility, and smooth user experience across various platforms.

Maxima Consulting’s cloud migration services compatibility

On-premise and other environments

Enterprise-grade comprehensive cloud adoption solution

Our cloud migration solutions have successfully enabled business-critical applications in multiple countries, technical environments, and industries, including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Transportation, Telecom, and Manufacturing.

Our team of expert consultants thrives on tackling even the most intricate cloud migration challenges. Whether it's salvaging a previously failed project or spearheading the shift from on-premise to a fully cloud-based IT infrastructure, we're prepared to make it happen.

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Top reasons to leverage our cloud migration services

The migration project is exceptionally complex

Working with a vendor is recommended when your organization needs to devise an optimal migration strategy due to the project’s complexity or the sheer volume of data to migrate. Specialized partners often speed up the process and bring considerable cost cuts.

Your organization experiences a lack of suitable talent

Finding the right experts to work for your company can be challenging, especially when you desire quick results. With the ongoing talent shortage in the information technology field, opting for consulting services can be more cost-effective than full-time employee recruitment.

You prefer to work with specialized partners

External cloud migration specialists are an excellent way to ensure an in-depth analysis of your systems that leads to formulating the right cloud strategy. Knowledgeable partners will adopt enhanced security measures throughout the cloud migration process.
Seamless migration is quick and brings migration cost reduction. Partnering with specialized vendors can also minimize cloud migration risks, as all common migration challenges are the bread and butter of such professionals.

Why choose Maxima Consulting as your cloud migration consultants?

Our Migration Factory services are the result of years of assisting global organizations, including leading financial institutions, with software modernization and cloud migration. This experience made us detail-oriented and vigilant about information security and compliance, which are significant concerns in many industries.

Our goal is to provide our clients with efficient cloud infrastructure and best practices, enabling them to take advantage of cloud computing securely. Our team of experts can seamlessly transfer your existing data and systems to a range of private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions and establish a reliable and secure cloud environment that can be quickly adapted to changing business needs in the future.

Cloud Orbit Migration Factory specialists start with analyzing your infrastructure needs. We explore the benefits and drawbacks all viable cloud platforms would bring to your company and present a cost-effective and future-proof solution.

Our cloud migration services enable businesses big and small to quickly and reliably migrate and deploy software to cloud environments and manage the infrastructure entirely remotely.

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See the process

Four stages of our cloud migration process

1. First contact

Our team needs 1-2 days to perform initial research and schedule our first meeting. During this consultation, your assigned Client Partner will ask relevant questions to learn more about your project and present our approach to cloud migration in detail.

2. Plot migration project

Your team, together with our cloud experts, hand-pick your existing application or project for pilot cloud migration. We utilize our expertise and cutting-edge migration tools to prove we can deliver on your business objectives while simultaneously bringing a significant cost and time reduction.

3. Optimization and automation

After the pilot project is completed, we discuss learnings, areas of success, areas for improvement, and further automation-enable optimization opportunities. We establish a long-term cloud migration roadmap to define milestones and deadlines.

4. Smooth transition

Our cloud experts continue to migrate your customer-facing and business applications to the cloud providers of your choice. If the pilot project was selected deliberately to be the most challenging one, the following cloud migration journey typically brings quicker results and lower costs.

Embrace full-scope innovation with Cloud Orbit

In many instances, when organizations embark on their cloud journey, they quickly discover inefficiencies leading to a less competitive offering, higher costs, and outdated, less robust usage of the cloud. 

We have experience supporting companies in identifying the best operating model, upskilling existing workforce such as SysAdmins, and decreasing the need for full-time IT infrastructure employees in favor of cloud-first, proven cost and output-optimized models.

Benefits of our cloud migration services

Leverage our thorough cloud migration expertise to create a perfect cloud strategy that meets your business requirements. Enable the benefits of cutting-edge cloud solutions and drive your digital transformation further and faster than ever before.

Scalability. Achieve great performance and keep the costs low. Our Migration Factory solution uses the Site Reliability Engineering approach to IT environments to facilitate rapid and secure scaling of your new cloud infrastructure.
Adaptability. Make your cloud more responsive to your current needs. Utilize Cloud Orbit Migration Factory services to achieve exceptional flexibility and quickly scale your IT infrastructure up or down whenever needed.
Cost-effectiveness. Save money by monitoring and optimizing cloud spend to only pay for the resources you actually need. Avoid cloud bill shock and make actual use of the cloud’s ability to reduce overall infrastructure costs.
Security. Our expert consultants follow the "shift left security" paradigm. The Migration Factory solution employs advanced security solutions throughout the entire process to protect your data, applications, and services from cyber threats.
Compliance. For organizations sensitive to data privacy, and those concerned with local laws such as GDPR, we are able to offer our services from within the EU, US, and APAC to meet regulatory or client requirements.
Collaboration. In properly built cloud environments, teamwork becomes effortless regardless of team members’ current location. Improve employee cooperation and knowledge exchange with advanced data-sharing and tailored access policies.

What next? Discover our managed SRE services

Bridge the gap between development and operations. By utilizing Site Reliability Engineering’s best practices, you will increase the pace of cloud deployments, enable automatic upgrades, and improve the overall scalability and reliability of your cloud environment.

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