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Tailored IT solutions for healthcare, pharma and life sciences

Our increasingly connected world necessitates growing interest in IT solutions among life sciences and healthcare organizations. Automation, big data analytics, AI/ML, and cloud computing have already enabled countless innovations, including EHR systems, remote/virtual care software, self-service apps for patients, and therapeutic wearables.

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million - healthcare sector mobile apps existed worldwide in 2021 1
million - American patients used remote health solutions in 2022 2
billion - global digital health market is projected to reach that size in 2025 3
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New technologies, new challenges

Alas, new tools and technologies generate new challenges - security and compliance issues, complex IT infrastructures, systems reliability, observability, and scalability demand unique expertise. In the face of a tech talent shortage and fierce competition in IT recruitment, Maxima Consulting’s global talent solutions and technology expertise are the perfect answers to the needs of healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and life sciences organizations.

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Services for healthy digital transformation

Governance, risk, and compliance solutions

Prevention is better than cure. GRC is a holistic approach to information security, ideal for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies that must comply with many standards and regulations. Our cybersecurity recommendations account for the financial condition, various legal requirements, geopolitical outlook, local and regional health policies, and large-scale societal needs.

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Electronic health records systems

It's no coincidence that EHR systems are among the most prevalent healthcare transformation solutions. Electronic healthcare systems utilize digital technology to store and browse patients’ information. This provides a comprehensive view of their medical history, the healthcare services they received, and a deep insight into their needs while ensuring protected health information is only accessible to authorized personnel.

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Custom healthcare systems automations

Benefit from digital health momentum. Efficient automation can save pharmaceutical and health companies a lot of time and money. Automation improves operational efficiency and reduces the amount and cost of human-made errors. Our expert consultants will analyze your system to implement automation wherever inefficiencies hold you back, from business processes to data analysis and monitoring.

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Cloud for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

Cloud enables healthcare facilities, biomedical research companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to take full advantage of modern IT solutions. With easily scalable, automation-ready cloud infrastructure, your internal and patient-facing software is reliable, secure, and accessible. It can also significantly reduce the cost of IT infrastructure.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)

The usefulness of artificial intelligence in healthcare, pharmaceutics, and medical research can't be understated. Generative AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and large language models enable better data analytics, accelerate automation, and enhance patient experience. Maxima Consulting’s experts aid organizations in building correct strategies, implementing custom tools, and delivering business value from AI.

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Healthcare IT consulting and staffing

Jumpstart the digital transformation of your healthcare facility or pharmaceutical firm with a broad range of customizable IT consulting services. Partner with Maxima Consulting and gain access to technical experts who excel in doing research and creating analytics-driven strategies. Our solutions match the industry challenges and focus on achieving unique business goals our clients from countries around the world have.

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Quintessential client segments

Healthcare providers

We support healthcare facilities in implementing and managing tailored IT solutions, including electronic health records systems (EHR), telemedicine platforms, internet of things integrations, and state-of-the-art data analytics software. Moreover, our consultants provide healthcare companies with enterprise-grade expertise in security and compliance, cloud migration and optimization, quality assurance, and IT recruitment.

Clinical research organizations

Clinical research organizations utilize Maxima Consulting's services to implement robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities (AI/ML), and innovative workforce solutions. From cloud optimization through shift left security to patient data and clinical data analytics, our solutions bring CROs both cost savings and the acceleration of all processes dependent on IT systems.

Pharmaceutical companies

Our agile and optimized IT solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies facilitate modern research capabilities that improve time-to-market while prioritizing security and compliance measures. Stay secure when accelerating the product lifecycle with cutting-edge platform engineering services, out-of-the-box infrastructure automation, custom integrations, and improved observability of your data and systems.

MedTech and life sciences start-ups

Partnering with Maxima Consulting enables startups to optimize operations, receive strategic talent acquisition guidance, and implement advanced cloud management for greenfield development purposes. Our strategic support in quality assurance, security and compliance, infrastructure maintenance, and niche tech recruitment enables innovative organizations to focus on the most important parts of their businesses.


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Within 24 hours of receiving your message, our local advisor schedules an introductory meeting so our consultants with relevant industry experience can learn more about your project, technological requirements, and objectives.

Request for proposal

Maxima’s health and pharma experts combine their experience and research skills to formulate a tailored proposal that addresses your business needs. By analyzing trends and examining your competitors’ moves, they ensure that the solution is future-proof.

Delivery and optimization

We assign an experienced account manager to your project to serve as your dedicated advisor. Our talented consultants begin the work, focus on delivering sound results, and discover ways to optimize your operations further.

Why Maxima Consulting?

Strategy-first approach

We understand that your business objectives are unique, and we scrutinize them before making any recommendations. The industry knowledge enables our consultants to use proven strategies that comply with relevant regulatory obligations. The scientific but value-driven approach aims to impact profits and meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

Global access to finest talent

No talent shortage will stop your digital transformation with a recruitment team that knows how to find the best IT experts from around the world. Together with our tech-focused Human Resources team, they will help you fill the skill gaps in your existing team or build an entirely new delivery center abroad and keep the workforce satisfied and loyal.

Reliable and future-proof solutions

We understand the significance of a responsible approach to innovation, especially when it comes to life sciences, health care, and the pharmaceutical industry. Our digital solutions prioritize longevity, security, reliability, and accessibility to ensure your organization’s continued success and maintain a long-lasting relationship between our companies.

Medical IT consulting frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?
Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. In the broadly understood health and life sciences sector, our solutions include strategy consulting, IT staffing, digital transformation support, software modernization, cloud migration and optimization, program and project management and delivery, holistic security treatment, software development, maintenance, testing, and continuous improvement.
Our consultants are experienced with medical practice management software (MPMS), e-prescription applications, urgent care, telehealth solutions, hospital management software, and various healthcare Customer/Patient Relationship Management (CRM). Moreover, Maxima Consulting’s AI experts are able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics and drive big data technology to impact hospitals, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology institutions, clinical research organizations, and other businesses in the life sciences market, medicine/drug industry, and the entire health sector.
When to use AI-powered healthcare data analytics?
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools (AI/ML tools) can be used to analyze enormous (we're talking exabytes) and complex (structured, unstructured, and somewhere in between) data sets. In general, biotech companies, healthcare providers, and enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry can significantly profit from introducing AI-powered big data analytics to their practice. Initially driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has already experienced a boost in digital transformation speed.
Our consultants are experienced in developing software that captures and analyzes multiple data streams and provides integrated insights presented on customizable and understandable dashboards. Using our AI expertise to improve data collection, verification, standardization, and analysis will increase the usefulness of gathered data. Data can play a significant role in the decision-making process across the board - from supply chain planning, new drug research, and clinical trial design to sales, marketing, and customer experience.
Do you offer organizational change management consulting?
Yes. Maxima Consulting is not just another technology vendor. Our leadership team and client experience specialists understand that digital transformation issues (including healthcare transformation) must be approached strategically and holistically. We are experienced in advising our clients across industries with all sorts of challenges, including costs, financial and information risks, modern workforce solutions, and more.
What is your experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries?
Life sciences organizations, companies in the medicine sector, and health industry institutions partner with Maxima Consulting to get instantaneous access to IT experts experienced in working for health insurance providers, hospitals, healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, health tech startups, and pharmaceutical companies.
In addition, our 30 years of involvement in the banking and finance industry, the insurance sector, and with logistics companies have equipped us with the knowledge needed to ensure compliance with relevant regulation. Our consultants also possess a deep understanding of stakeholders’ priorities. They focus on bringing value right from the start so that the organizations can benefit from technology improvements as fast as possible and the return on investment can materialize fast, resulting in more satisfied patients.
What are the best examples of your work?
While much of our work across industries falls under strict non-disclosure agreements, there are still lots of success stories and case studies we publish on our website. Among the many jobs we successfully completed, we’re probably most proud of several complex software modernization projects that required niche technology expertise and creativity in designing the new architecture to be adaptable and enduring.
It was great working on the design and development project where our team created a custom solution for data analysis that involved the creation of a straightforward integrated dashboard that enables its users to browse valuable insights and easily control what they see.
The vast 24/7/365 global maintenance and support project demanded flawless coordination between consultants working across three continents but was extremely gratifying. So was building the quality assurance team that managed to improve the whole software development cycle for a third-party logistics company. We were also honored to support a critical consolidation project for the Belgian and Dutch divisions of a large European bank with our niche technology, data migration, and infrastructure expertise.
Can you support our digital marketing initiatives?
With many laws and market regulations impacting their ability to advertise in traditional media, leading biotech, healthcare, and drug companies often turn to mobile apps and interactive websites to keep society informed about their offering, new treatments, new drugs, and clinical trials. Our global talent pool of innovative tech consultants provides a highly efficient way to develop and maintain various IT projects in life sciences and health industries, including the development and maintenance of digital products intended for marketing purposes.
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