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Established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1993, Maxima Consulting has since become a trusted staffing partner and managed IT services provider for companies around the world. The list of our partners includes utility services, banking and finance institutions, transport and logistics companies, telecommunications providers, and organizations in healthcare and life sciences.

Top advantages of partnering with us

Leverage external expertise in the US and beyond to streamline the expansion of your business operations to other countries.

Simplify your relocation process with the support of global talent acquisition experts and easily bring top international talent to the US.

Hire global talent for your information technology projects to save money and maintain quality through IT services in a global delivery model.

Work with a dedicated team of technology experts focused on driving your business outcomes and enjoy excellent client service.

Utilize modern talent acquisition strategies to recruit IT professionals who will work alongside your in-house team to reduce the impact skills shortage has on your organization.

Enjoy cost savings and other advantages of a tailored workforce solution based on an IT outsourcing model that addresses your unique business needs.

Benefit from best practices in software development, manual testing and test automation, application maintenance, cybersecurity, infrastructure solutions, and technical support.

Cooperate with seasoned external service providers with a robust history of delivering comprehensive IT services for companies across many industries.

Your trusted IT partners

Stay ahead of your competition with 3 decades of IT expertise

Maxima Consulting has successfully supported businesses big and small in facing their digital transformation challenges since 1993. Broad experience in IT outsourcing and talent acquisition allows our seasoned advisors to tailor our service offerings to individual clients’ needs.

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Efficient operations and secure business processes

Our process-oriented consultants work to constantly improve the operational efficiency of your outsourced team, reduce the time-to-market of your software development projects, optimize the quality assurance tasks, and keep your customers and employees safe from cyber attacks.

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Greater scalability, high quality, and cost reduction

Utilize a global delivery outsourcing business model to access technology professionals, cut costs, and secure top-notch quality of your digital products. Enjoy high-quality IT services and streamlined communication by combining offshoring with expert talent located in the same country as yours.

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Broad technical expertise and specialized knowledge

Leverage the niche technology experience our expert consultants can provide to guide your own team or IT department. Utilize our specialized team of IT recruitment professionals to hire top talent versed in cutting-edge and legacy technologies your core business needs.

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Essential services we provide in the US

Managed IT services

Information technology outsourcing enables companies to reduce costs while securing top-notch efficiency and performance guaranteed by service-level agreements (SLA). Working with a reliable IT outsourcing provider results in proactive and ongoing support, better network management, more security risks neutralized, and quickly resolved issues that keep your business running smoothly. Selecting the right IT service providers is crucial for ensuring these benefits.

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Enterprise cloud solutions

Unlock all the benefits of cloud computing with Cloud Orbit, our complete cloud governance solution. Enjoy effective modernization and migration tools, straightforward optimization and network management capabilities, and additional security services. Use our IT services to improve your infrastructure and operations, build a development-ready environment in minutes, and access a professional support team in the same time zone as yours.

Augment your IT capabilities

Staffing and staff augmentation

Gain access to world-class IT talent across all IT functions, including software development and testing, cybersecurity, data monitoring and management, infrastructure and operations, app maintenance, and tech support services. Our expert IT recruiters utilize modern sourcing strategies and talent acquisition models to reach exceptional candidates with the skills you require, cultural fit, and the willingness to become your on-site employee, whether you need a senior software development specialist or a project manager.

Build a new technology team

Business strategy consulting

Utilize our advisors’ strategic approach to partnership and ensure IT outsourcing works as intended. External providers need to bring your organization real business results: better efficiency, improved operations, lower labor costs, and enhanced security monitoring across all IT functions. Maxima Consulting advisors will help you integrate all IT-related issues into your business strategy and make sure technology brings additional value to your business operations.

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Reasons to partner with Maxima Consulting

We’re focused on delivery

From strategic guidance to project management and solutions delivery, our consultants build sustainable win-win relationships by focusing on delivering business results to partner enterprises and striving to exceed client expectations.

We’re efficient and flexible

Our tailor-made and fully scalable IT outsourcing services integrate into your business process, enhance your in-house team performance, improve your business operations, and optimize cyber security protocols to decrease your risk.

We’re reliable partners

We strive to become your trusted external service provider from day one. Our consultants bring in a transparent collaboration process, strategic thinking capabilities, and problem-solving skills to quickly resolve any issues and save time your internal resources spend on managing the outsourcing company.

We’re always looking forward

Our experts understand that the constantly evolving global economy necessitates the continuous evolution of IT outsourcing models. To remain competitive and satisfy client expectations, we always look for ways to future-proof each client’s business model and safeguard their reputation.

Leverage global tech expertise with IT outsourcing

Maxima Consulting’s focus is on people. We are dedicated to offering customized, future-proof IT outsourcing and workforce solutions for businesses of all sizes, and we empower our in-house teams to provide exceptional client value.

We believe that relationships with both clients and employees are key to achieving long-term success. We aim to truly understand our partners’ needs and optimize our business process to deliver on time and exceed expectations to ensure a prosperous future for everyone.


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discover the story of maxima consulting

More than just another managed service providers

Maxima Consulting was founded in Boston in 1993. Since then, our purpose has always been to help businesses with their IT and talent acquisition needs.

Today, we have a globally distributed team of experts who develop, test, and improve apps, manage and scale infrastructure, support users, and maintain IT systems for our clients.

We work with companies across many industries

Maxima Consulting has become a trusted advisor for many organizations operating in various economic sectors, including commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, energy providers, healthcare institutions, and businesses in engineering, third-party logistics, and manufacturing.

IT outsourcing companies like Maxima Consulting offer flexibility, agility, and access to specialized talent. Discover our wide range of IT services and secure a competitive advantage for your organization.

Banking and finance industry

We’ve been very successful in supporting the technology and staffing needs of global banks and financial institutions. Our experts help companies in banking and finance overcome operational challenges and reach their business goals with digital tools and IT solutions.

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Logistics and transportation sector

Our expert technology consultants support businesses in the transport and logistics industry in reducing operational costs, increasing control over fleets and other assets, automating crucial processes, and enhancing the user experience for their employees and customers.

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Energy and utility providers

Companies in this sector use our IT outsourcing services to navigate cybersecurity, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage industry-specific software. Our experts assist these businesses in updating outdated IT systems, improving data flows, and adapting to ever-changing customer expectations.

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Telecom companies

Our innovative solutions, tailored specifically for telecommunications companies, help our clients thrive in an industry that has been at the forefront of emerging disruptive technologies for years. With our consultants’ support, telecoms unlock advanced AI tools, big data analytics, and cutting-edge security.

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Managed IT services and workforce solutions for American companies

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Does your company require reliable managed IT services to take care of your cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, or quality assurance functions?

Our expert IT outsourcing advisors will support your organization in building an actionable business strategy to achieve the results you desire. Schedule a meeting today to find out what we can do for your business.

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