Discover our integrated approach to managed cloud services

Cloud Orbit SRE+ is Site Reliability Engineering as a Service

Cloud Orbit SRE+ is a managed service that enables organizations to bridge the gap between software development and IT operations. Reap the benefits of SRE and DevOps methodologies without the need to hire Site Reliability Engineers as full-time employees.

More than a managed service

Continuous cloud infrastructure monitoring

Our alert-based monitoring automatically escalates issues when predefined criteria are met to ensure quick response time and improve the availability of your system.

Automated updates

The automation-first approach to cloud services allows us to identify areas where menial and repeatable tasks can be automated to improve performance speed, increase accuracy, and decrease the number of human-made errors. For example, automated real-time updates result in improved availability of new software features.

Shift Left Security

Automated security measures included in our managed cloud service are based on the "shift left security" approach, where, unlike in the traditional approach, security concerns are not limited to the end stages of the development process (right side) but extended across the whole process, straight from the beginning (left side).

Optimized cloud infrastructure

Our SRE experts have successfully optimized hundreds of scripts and applications to perform well in various cloud environments. Employing Site Reliability Engineering principles enables them to achieve repeatable results in varying circumstances - such as improved operational efficiency and better overall system resilience.

Multicloud-ready solution

Cloud Orbit SRE+ managed service is compatible with all leading public cloud vendors, including the big three: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. Our services can also be utilized for many hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure-based projects.

Transparency and communication

Maxima Consulting is a people-centric company that focuses on enabling mutual benefits by building long-lasting partnerships. Along with our cost-effective solutions and transparent pricing models comes our focus on efficient communication and excellent client experience.

Our SRE-powered cloud managed services compatibility

And other environments

We’re a trusted managed cloud services provider for many companies

Partner with specialized cloud managed service providers. Utilize automation to optimize your cloud resources, enable cost savings, and improve your data security and compliance processes.

Cloud Orbit SRE+ services are perfect for large enterprises, startups, and everything in between. We are able to rapidly scale and adapt our managed cloud services to meet your unique business needs.

What are Cloud Orbit SRE+ top use cases?

Use case 1: Nurturing cloud adoption

After a successful cloud migration project, your organization needs cloud computing expertise to manage its cloud resources, monitor system performance, reduce risks and cybersecurity threats, and find areas that need improvement or optimization.
Cloud Orbit SRE+ employs a "security shifted left" model, where cloud security measures are applied throughout the process by using automation.

Use case 2: Improving cloud security

Businesses in tightly regulated industries such as banking and finance are obligated to comply with various security standards. Nevertheless, information risk management has become increasingly important for organizations in all sectors of the economy as the total number and average cost of dealing with cyber threats rise every year.
Cloud Orbit SRE+ employs a "security shifted left" model, where cloud security measures are applied throughout the process by using automation.

Use case 3: Accelerating the software release cycle

With all cloud operations delivered by Maxima Consulting, your IT team can focus on fulfilling business objectives. Our SRE-based managed cloud services enable your development teams to quickly iterate and build cloud-native applications.
Frequent straight-to-cloud deployments make new features quickly available for your customers, improving their user experience with your software products.
Access Site Reliability Engineers whenever you need

Why choose Maxima Consulting as your managed cloud service provider?

Since 1993, Maxima Consulting has supported a wide range of clients, technical environments, and industries, such as the highly regulated banking and financial services industry, fast-changing retail and e-commerce, and the ever-important energy sector. Utilize private, public, and hybrid cloud environments in the best possible way by employing managed cloud services based on SRE principles and best practices.

Expertly optimize existing cloud infrastructure for best performance and improved cost. 

Improve your security and compliance with disaster recovery automation and constant network and application infrastructure monitoring.

Boost the customer experience by ensuring improved availability of your digital products and services through automation, scalability, self-healing, and SRE best practices.

Free up your developers’ valuable time with access to enterprise-grade cloud technologies tailored for modern development pipelines and methodologies.

Modify your cloud strategy to address your individual business requirements with support from world-class managed cloud service providers.

We enjoy working as an extended partner to our clients

Partner with accomplished experts who simply like their jobs and will happily share their cloud infrastructure expertise within your organization. Join Maxima Consulting at the forefront of innovation by upgrading your managed cloud services to Cloud Orbit SRE+.

Explore the possibilities of our managed cloud computing services

SRE-based managed cloud services explained

Read our thorough article to better understand the SRE as a Service concept on which Cloud Orbit SRE+ is based. Learn more about what a Site Reliability Engineer does, how it is different from DevOps, and what are the top business benefits of employing the SRE approach to cloud computing. Discover the advantages of outsourcing your infrastructure-related tasks to managed cloud services providers who utilize SRE as a core part of their services.

Read our complete guide to SRE as a Service

See how a cloud journey with Cloud Orbit SRE+ looks like

Four steps to top-notch managed cloud services

1. First contact

After you contact us, we schedule a short intro call to get a better understanding of your company, environment, and challenges and identify if our SRE+ service is a good fit for your needs.

2. Creating a roadmap

After the initial discussion, our cloud services consultants work internally to analyze the information you provided and come back to you to discuss options, answer questions, and outline an initial roadmap and onboarding plan created to reach your most important business objectives as fast as possible.

3. Managed cloud service initial adoption

Our Site Reliability Engineers identify top challenges and quick wins and commence their cloud management responsibilities. Our managed cloud service experience and access to a selection of the best SRE tools enable our consultants to start delivering results fast. Our team’s excellent communication skills allow for keeping you in the loop so you can remain in complete control.

4. Continuous optimization

After the initial setup, our SRE+ team takes all responsibility for implementing your organization’s cloud vision. Maxima Consulting’s managed cloud services include day-to-day cloud management, maintaining strict security measures so your users and data are safe, and further optimizing your cloud resources.

Long-term partnership for increased opportunities

It’s only natural that when your company grows, your business objectives evolve, and the need for other services may arise. Maxima Consulting is dedicated to delivering business benefits to its partners across the entire information technology landscape.

From niche software modernization projects through advanced security and quality assurance managed services to workforce and location strategy solutions, our consultants deliver results for clients in many industries, including banking & finance, logistics & transportation, pharma & healthcare, and telecommunications.

Optimize your cloud infrastructure with Cloud Orbit SRE+

We created the Cloud Orbit SRE+ solution to empower development teams, big and small, to improve their software product’s availability, scalability, and time-to-market. Since 2019, our SRE-powered managed cloud services have been used to boost our clients’ network security, improve system design and resilience, and automate infrastructure and operations tasks for reliable and consistent day-to-day cloud management.

Our SRE+ managed service allows companies to utilize state-of-the-art cloud solutions when needed while keeping operational costs reasonable. With strict SLAs and access to SRE experts on an "as-needed" basis, organizations can optimize the usage of their cloud resources, cut cloud costs, and enable modern methods of handling security, quality assurance, and software development processes.

Maxima Consulting’s Site Reliability Engineers enable quick and easy straight-to-cloud deployment, alert-based performance monitoring, and simple disaster recovery. Automating routine manual tasks such as upgrades allows developers to focus on what is really important for your business. As a result, any downtime is drastically reduced, systems are continuously available for users, and new features roll out as quickly as possible.

Aim for the stars with cloud orbit

Partner with a managed cloud service provider focused on your business goals

Leverage Maxima Consulting’s years of experience in delivering cutting-edge private, hybrid, and public cloud services. Our expert consultants will start by assessing your organization’s business requirements and propose a dedicated cloud solution that fits your business strategy.
Whether it’s cloud migration, modernization, or management you need, there is a Cloud Orbit package for you.
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