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Introducing Cloud Orbit, managed platform engineering services by Maxima Consulting

Cloud Orbit is a complete platform engineering solution for organizations big and small.
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Published on
November 22, 2023
Last updated on
March 26, 2024

After many months of development, testing, and enhancements, we’re ready to launch our most comprehensive cloud computing solution. Cloud Orbit is a scalable service that enables organizations of all sizes to access platform engineers in a subscription model to migrate apps and data, manage infrastructure optimally, improve developer productivity, boost time-to-market, and consequently enhance customer value.

What is Cloud Orbit?

Maxima Consulting’s new platform engineering solution provides organizations worldwide with easy access to cloud expertise at scale. Cloud Orbit is a complete platform engineering solution for all kinds of organizations. Distributed as a managed service, it delivers a proven, scalable engine that facilitates modernization and migration, management and optimization, and continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) pipeline. The holistic approach enables thorough integration and optimization of all enterprise IT functions, from facilitating swift cloud migration to building internal developer platforms.

Our platform engineering solution improves observability, streamlines operations, ensures reliability, and optimizes costs across the entire organization. Far from just another cloud migration service, Cloud Orbit builds upon best practices of site reliability engineering to stabilize cloud performance, enhance developer experience, increase deployment frequency, and enable the creation of internal developer platforms.

What can companies do with Cloud Orbit?

  • Quickly assemble optimized cloud architecture with proven templates
  • Streamline modernization of legacy software
  • Easily migrate apps and data to cloud platforms
  • Optimize current infrastructure performance
  • Improve observability, reliability, and scalability
  • Facilitate security integration across the CI/CD pipeline
  • Cut up to 30% of overall cloud costs

Explore four customizable Cloud Orbit service plans

Cloud Orbit plans cover everything from migration through everyday use to development teams support. We offer a complimentary assessment to all companies willing to evaluate their cloud maturity and eligibility for Cloud Orbit implementation.

Migration Factory: A complete cloud migration solution

Cloud Orbit Migration Factory facilitates swift legacy software modernization for the needs of the cloud-native era. It ensures successful and cost-effective migration to any cloud environment of your choice, including Google Cloud Platform, AWS Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, as well as hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions.

SRE+: Site reliability engineering as a service

Cloud Orbit SRE+ offers managed cloud optimization and management services in line with Site Reliability Engineering best practices. SRE+ improves observability with integrated dashboards and integrates a shift left security approach across the board. Perfect for large enterprises, startups, and everything in between, the plan can be easily and rapidly scaled up or down based on the client’s current needs.

Greenfield: Cloud-native starting point for software engineering

Cloud Orbit Greenfield is a cloud-native launching point for software development teams equipped with pre-generated tech stacks that enable businesses to set up cloud environments quickly. The solution improves the deployment speed, enhances the developer productivity, and facilitates quicker time-to-market while lowering overall cloud costs.

One: Robust platform engineering solution combining all capabilities of Cloud Orbit

Cloud Orbit One is a complete platform engineering managed service that incorporates everything included in our Migration Factory, SRE+, and Greenfield plans. From strategic planning through seamless cloud migration, day-to-day infrastructure management, and continuous optimization to arranging new development-ready cloud environments in minutes, One is perfect for organizations willing to utilize cloud computing to drive business value.

Assess your eligibility today

With many organizations already embracing the cloud, businesses shift their interest to maximizing the ROI. Cloud Orbit is designed to support converting cloud adoption to actual business outcomes with platform engineering. The approach promises to bring much-needed order to semi-independent IT processes with a comprehensive strategy that integrates infrastructure, security, development, quality assurance, and other IT functions under one big umbrella. With Cloud Orbit, companies can utilize platform engineering as a scalable service and easily satisfy their need for in-demand IT expertise.

Maxima Consulting operates across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to support organizations in overcoming their IT challenges. Since 1993, we have delivered powerful and dependable IT solutions for companies in finance, logistics, healthcare, and other industries, which makes us uniquely positioned to combine platform engineering services with strategic workforce expertise.

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