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How to prepare for a video job interview

Video job interviews are becoming increasingly popular. Prepare for the next one with tips from our recruitment team.
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Aldona Milej
Published on
September 30, 2021
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May 10, 2024

Video job interviews are becoming the norm and video interview skills are becoming a sought-after attribute for all candidates. So how do you prepare for your next video interview? In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks to help you nail your next video interview!

Prepare your setup

The most important thing that you have to take care of before a video interview is your internet connection. It can be that your internet connection is slow and you get cut off from time to time. If that is the case, it's important to understand what causes video connections to slow down and how you can fix those issues. A video interview needs a fast internet connection that should not be interrupted by any outside interference such as being in an area with too many wireless signals (this could cause signal loss).

Make sure your camera is working, if you know that there are problems with it, buy a camera that can get attached to the screen. It will surely be used more often than you expect. You can also use software to turn your smartphone into a computer camera, apps like DroidCam or EpocCam work awesome. There is a whole article about this topic on Wired. Your video should be in a well-lit area with good lighting. If the video is too dark you will end up looking like an old film reel and that's not what we are going for!

The third thing to keep in mind is your microphone. Audio quality is even more important than video, and the video camera doesn't always have a good microphone. Check your sound with online software, thanks to this you will see if the built-in microphone is good or maybe the microphone in your headphones works better. It's good to use headphones instead of laptop speakers, this way you will avoid an echo.

Know the questions

It is good to know the video interview questions that you can expect before going into it, this way you can prepare and think about the responses beforehand.  It's also important that you have a plan for what you want to say after each question. You want your interviewer to see that you are prepared.

Pick your clothes accordingly

Avoid overly distracting backgrounds and colors, but don't dress too formally if you are on video for a creative role! You want to be comfortable in your clothes so that the camera will pick up more body language than other things. Dress according to the role and company that you are applying to. Iron your shirt the day before so you won't have to do it just before the interview.

Work on your background

The background can tell a lot about the person, make sure to keep it clean. After the initial tech set up, check what can be seen in the camera. If there is a shelf behind, use it to show what type of person you are, put a family picture, motorcycle helmet or anything connected with your hobbies. However, make sure that people won't walk behind your back, you don't want anything distracting from your video interview - so keep your surroundings simple but interesting!

Get a comfortable chair

A video interview can be a long chat and a comfortable chair will make it easier for you to focus. Choose one that has good support and is not too firm or soft. It should support your position and not wiggle to the sides. With a good chair, you will keep your position and always be in the center of the recruiter's screen.

Prepare some notes

If you are interviewing for a tech position, make sure to have your technical knowledge close at hand. Write the most important points of your career in a notebook or on a piece of paper, it will be easier to remember them during the video interview. You should keep the notebook open and close to you, but don't look at it too often! Keeping it close will have a positive influence on your confidence. Post-it notes can be used too, put them on the wall in front of you and you will remember the most important things that you want to mention. But don't make a cheat sheet with answers, this will be easily noticed even during a video interview!

Get some rest beforehand

A short rest will have a positive impact on your call. If you feel tired and groggy before the interview, drink lots of water or tea and try grabbing a quick nap! It can be that you were sitting for a few hours and your back hurts or you are dehydrated, use the few minutes before the actual call to stretch and get a glass of water.

Do a final check and mute all distractions

All the previously mentioned things will set you up for a great video interview. 5-10 minutes before you start, make a last check of your equipment to ensure that everything is working as expected. Mute everything on your computer and phone and take away anything that might distract you from being really present for the video call.


Video job interviews are not much different from traditional in-person interviews, but there are a few more things to keep in mind to make a great first impression. Follow our tips and you will be on your way to being hired!

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