Legacy Migration to Oracle Exadata and Netezza

Maxima utilized its mixed onshore/offshore delivery model to securely migrate a financial company’s legacy systems to Oracle Exadata and Netezza and improve the system’s performance.

Executive Summary / Key Highlights:

  • Migration of the legacy system to Oracle Exadata and Netezza.
  • One of the leading global financial institutions.
  • Process facilitation, a higher level of security, increased computing speed.
  • Onshore/Offshore team.

The Client

One of the world's largest asset management and financial services institutions.

Problem Statement

The company’s legacy systems were out of date and lowered the performance and increased operational costs. It was an issue that had to be addressed with the right approach to make sure that none of the data will be lost. Due to the legacy system in use, the client was in an inferior position to the competitors, if the system wouldn’t be updated then the client could lose both customers and money.


Maxima offered to migrate the systems to Oracle Exadata and Netezza utilizing our onshore/offshore delivery model. Such a migration allowed to speed up the backups, improve the performance, facilitate the management and flexibility of the system. Also, there were numerous other benefits of such an approach. We did bring the security to a higher level by using modern solutions, significantly increased the computing speed and prepared the system for a cloud migration.

During the project

We started our work with process preparation, to ensure the highest possible level of security. Our team has installed Goldengate for unidirectional and bidirectional replications and maintaining data synchronization. To ensure the high availability of Goldengate we performed constant updates, patches and migrations. As with every project, there were also problems, we had to address performance issues and troubleshoot OGG-Errors. The project was monitored with the help of Oracle Enterprise Manager and Shell scripts. Our team created scripts to identify all occurring errors.

To all the team members, to me you are an extension of the (client) Team. Your hard work and dedication has made us one of the best teams in the company. It is my honor to be part of such a great team.
Client Manager Sr. Vice President.


We successfully upgraded the system and the project was a huge success. Thanks to it we solved the problems of our client and created a partnership for years.