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Our delivery-focused consultants enable companies of all sizes to face their digital challenges and combat talent shortages. From business consulting to managed IT services to specialized staffing, we tailor our solutions to fit your unique business needs.

From cybersecurity through digital transformation, to niche banking technologies - our expert IT consultants make information technology drive your business goals.

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From workforce strategies and talent acquisition through a broad range of managed IT services to digital transformation and platform engineering - our expert consultants located on four continents cause technology to drive your business goals.

Fields of expertise

Workforce solutions

30 years of experience in talent acquisition enables us to tailor our workforce solutions to the unique business needs of our clients. Whether you need support in FTE hiring, staffing, onshore and offshore outsourcing, or building a center of excellence, our experts will help you devise a future-proof strategy to strengthen your competitive edge and empower your global workforce.

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Cloud Orbit

Discover our complete platform engineering solution designed to optimize your cloud performance and costs, simplify migration and modernization projects, and improve the developer experience. Cloud Orbit will revolutionize the way you interact with the cloud by providing proven templates, custom automation, observability dashboards, and shift left security.

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Managed IT services

Pick and choose from a comprehensive array of managed services custom-fit to each client’s individual needs. With dozens of successful projects in maintenance and support, quality assurance, and information risk management, our specialists are equipped with knowledge and experience to optimize your profitability so you can make the most of your IT budget.

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Enabled by thorough research and industry experience, our consultants build custom solutions and share their findings and insights with clients with complete transparency. By involving stakeholders in the process, we make sure that the niche technology expertise, project management, and transformation strategies we provide always support your business goals.

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Clients’ success stories

security support

IAMS: Security administration

One of the world’s largest asset management institutions asked Maxima Consulting to create a new cybersecurity support team of 30+ multilingual IT consultants in Poland as part of their global hub strategy. Our access to a global talent pool enabled us to deliver in record time.

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Belgium to the Netherlands: Workflow and operations efficiency

Maxima Consulting has supported the largest bank in the Netherlands in the consolidation of its Belgian and Dutch divisions. We reviewed and identified operations and workflow inefficiencies and proceeded with optimizing processes we found insufficient to improve their profitability.

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maintenance and support

Global infrastructure maintenance and support

For over 10 years, one of the world’s largest financial services institutions has used Maxima Consulting as a sole service provider of 24/7/365 Maintenance and Support solutions for their critical databases. We made it possible and untroublesome by utilizing our dynamic Global Delivery Model.

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Global accounting system

For a leading global financial institution, we created a single trusted source of data for the downstream system that performs analytics and calculations on the per-share, basis point, and percentage levels. Our consultants designed the solution and initial architecture to be future-proof.

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Trusted by:

The caliber of their resources was top-notch. Culturally, they were closely aligned with inhouse resources versus limited as many traditional contract resources tend to be. I found Maxima to be continually receptive to any feedback or able to address any challenges in realtime.
Charles Griffith
CTO, Quiet Platforms, an American Eagle Company
Leverage our approach, knowledge, and experience

The way we work

Analytical approach

Before they start any work, our consultants research your organization and its business ecosystem so our solutions fit your business goals and needs.

Sustainability and flexibility

We focus on delivering added value from the start, planning for your sustainable growth, and remaining flexible enough to scale up or down when you need it.

Strategic thinking

Building future-proof solutions rooted in your existing assets starts with a comprehensive strategy created in collaboration with your organization’s leadership.

Reliable governance

Our experts facilitate observability, suggest processes and procedures to ensure work gets done in an efficient way, and frequently update you on progress made.

Robust service models

For our clients’ convenience, we design all our processes for seamlessness. Straightforward reporting, cooperation, and flexibility are our top priorities.

People-centric culture

The experience of our clients and employees has been at the center of how Maxima Consulting does business since its humble beginnings in Boston in 1993.

our process

What happens when you reach out to us?


Initial assessment

We schedule a call to find out more about your goals and needs.


Deep research

Our specialists analyze your current situation to adjust our solutions to you.


Tailored solution

You receive expert support based on your unique business profile.

Signs of the Tech Revolution

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Frequently asked questions

How to join Maxima Consulting as an employee?
Our company’s main business goal is to support our clients by building value with technology. We always look for talented software engineers, architects, cloud computing experts, QAs, and other IT professionals to join our team. We encourage you to browse our current job openings on the careers page.
How to become the firm’s business partner?
At Maxima, we believe that cooperation with other organizations is crucial to success and profitability. To learn more about our business model, plans, experience, and strategy regarding new partnerships, contact the Client Partner residing in your region via this contact form. One meeting is usually enough to find out if our business objectives align.
What are the company’s culture and values?
Our company’s primary mission is to make Maxima Consulting a trusted global IT solutions partner to all our clients. To succeed in that goal, we focus on delivering value, innovating quickly and strategically, as well as constantly improving the client experience.
We are a people-centric organization that empowers employees to deliver outstanding results and create a better tomorrow with their expertise in information technology.
We understand that the key to our success lies in the long-lasting relationships we build with both our clients and our IT consultants. Maxima today is neither a startup nor a corporation, combining the best of two worlds. Employees enjoy a flat structure, career development support, respect for diversity, and an open-door policy. Clients benefit from our focus on long-term thinking, organizational maturity, and readiness to support them in their unique digital evolution paths.
What industries do we support?
As of today, our longest partnerships are with banks and financial institutions. We support clients from the finance industry in increasing their operational efficiency and delivering excellent user experience to meet their customers’ changing expectations in the face of constant FinTech disruptions.
Transport and Logistics companies work with us to obtain a competitive edge, reduce operational costs, and deliver a better consumer experience. Our expertise involves the implementation and maintenance of cutting-edge warehouse, fleet, and supply chain management software, as well as dealing with modern asset-tracking solutions.
Information technology services we offer to the insurance sector include workflow automation, data analytics, and systems integration. Our consultants are experienced in optimizing system performance and improving the customer experience for enterprises in this industry.
Companies in the energy and utilities industry enjoy our support in dealing with complex industry-specific software, improving data flow and availability, and enabling integration of previously inconsistent IT solutions.
However, Maxima Consulting supports companies from other industries in their digital transformation journeys as well. Read more on this topic here.
What IT consulting services do we perform?
Maxima’s comprehensive IT Consulting solutions range from niche IT recruitment to setting up a whole new data center at a desired location in the Build-Operate-Transfer model.
Our talented recruitment team is well-versed in executive and niche tech candidates recruitment for the purposes of FTE (full-time equivalent) hiring and staff augmentation services. 
Our fixed-price contracts work very well for projects with rigid budgets and for those clients who prefer to avoid any surprises.
With the Build-Operate-Transfer method, Maxima’s partners utilize our regional regulations expertise and familiarity with local candidate expectations when launching new offices in remote locations.
What types of managed services do we offer?
Our extensive Managed Services enable clients’ technology teams to focus on their primary business objectives. Our experts take care of all IT fundamentals, including infrastructure and operations, quality assurance and software testing, maintenance and support, and site reliability engineering as a service.
Maxima’s IT consultants meticulously design and continuously manage cloud, on-prem, and hybrid IT infrastructures, maintain and support information technology solutions to reduce system downtime and ensure excellent user experience, as well as guarantee the highest code quality for multiple global enterprises.
What are our top digital solutions?
Cloud Orbit is a comprehensive platform engineering solution designed to make cloud migration painless with dependable, secure, and ready-to-use cloud adoption templates, improve developer experience with straightforward cloud infrastructure setups, and enable SRE-based cloud management to optimize both costs and performance.
Our cloud computing expertise allows us to introduce efficient and always-on environments that easily adapt to business needs and accelerate innovation in virtually no time when compared to competitors.
Maxima’s security specialists start with discovering clients’ technological vulnerabilities, move to constructing comprehensive policies and procedures, and finish with implementing the proposed processes and continued upkeep.
When it comes to automation, our broad expertise, ranging from robotic process automation to infrastructure automation, enables companies to reduce the number of human-made errors and empower their workforce to focus on creative tasks that need a human touch.
What does consulting mean at Maxima?
These four rules define our style of consulting:
  1. We always start with understanding the client’s processes and needs.
  2. We are not “yes” people but value honesty and transparency.
  3. We care about making relationships with our clients strong and long-lasting.
  4. We look after our employees as we understand that our success derives from their hard work and expertise.
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