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How to make a great first impression at your next job interview

The first impression at a job interview will determine how well you are remembered and how likely you are to get hired.
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Aldona Milej
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September 7, 2022
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March 26, 2024

A job interview is a very important process in the field of employment. It can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences an individual has to go through, especially if it's their first time interviewing for a position.

The first impression made at a job interview will determine how well you are remembered and how likely you are to get hired. This article will provide some information on how to make sure your next interview goes as smoothly as possible!

How important is it to make a good first impression in a job interview?

The first impression you make in a job interview can determine how well the interviewer remembers you and how likely they are to hire you. It's important that your first few minutes go smoothly so that the hiring manager is interested in learning more about what makes you qualified for the position.

Remember to smile when meeting with them, shake their hand firmly, look at them directly and maintain eye contact throughout your conversation. These simple gestures will help establish a good rapport with whoever is interviewing as well as put any nerves at ease.

It can be pretty hard to maintain eye contact during an online interview, but there are tricks to that too. Before you join the meeting adjust your surroundings, make your face visible, if possible work on good lighting and audio quality. Sit in front of the camera, not to the side, make it a point to look directly into it. 

What should I wear for the job interview?

Dress professionally yet comfortably - remember, it's an opportunity to sell yourself! When possible, dress up, it's easier to take down a jacket or roll up your sleeves than to quickly find a white shirt when you're in the Hawaii theme. Your clothes should be ironed and clean. 

How do I prepare?

Don't forget to visit the company's website before your interview so that you can know what type of culture, work ethic, and values they promote. Check out their social media sites as well! You may find some behind-the-scenes information on how employees interact with one another - this is especially helpful when it comes to understanding how team-oriented (or not) the company is. Remember to take a look at your resume as well, so you won't be surprised when the recruiter asks about your hobby or interest.

Get the recruiters name right

Usually, you will know before the interview starts who will participate, to make a good first impression check the correct pronunciation of their names. If you are not sure, introduce yourself and ask them about it with genuine interest. The recruiter will surely respond with a smile.

What to say at the beginning of an interview?

First impressions matter. This is why it’s important to have a few lines prepared for when you are asked about how your day has been or how your commute was. It can be as short and simple as “It’s been great! The traffic was light on the freeway."

What not to say at the beginning of an interview?

Avoid negative statements such as, "My alarm didn't go off," or "I got stuck behind that horrible slow driver who refused to move over." These types of comments come across negatively because they show a lack of preparation - making employers question whether you will take care of their company's time too. Also, don't complain about your current or past employer, it's a sign of a negative attitude.

Arrive on time

If your interview is at 1 p.m., be ready 5-15 minutes before. It's important to value each other's time, the recruiter probably has other responsibilities after the interview so make sure they can take care of them. Keeping someone waiting isn't cool, nobody likes to wait for someone else. Set a reminder an hour before the actual interview to remember about it.

Read the job description before the interview

It's good to make a quick revision of the job description to learn about the requirements and think of situations that you can bring up if the recruiter asks you for examples of your work. Bringing up examples of past work could help you convince the employer, especially if there isn't too much information available on your resume.

Be authentic and positive

Be clear on why you want this position - if employers feel that your level of interest is low then they will automatically see you as less desirable than other applicants who have more enthusiasm for their desired role. People love people who are authentic, be your best self, and show how great and likable you are. Be confident but show humility.

Use the CAR/STAR method

CAR means: Context, Action, Result

STAR means: Situation, Task, Action, Result

Those simple methods work wonders, use them to answer questions related to your experience and you will make a great first impression. It's good to practice with a friend or relative, try one of the methods a few times and you will quickly understand why they are so good.

Ask questions

Asking relevant questions shows that you are really interested in getting the job. Simultaneously, you can make sure the position you applied for is right for you. You can ask about the details concerning some responsibilities, the company culture, the type of contract offered, and what an average day at this work looks like. If you need more ideas, consult our article on the best questions to ask at an interview for a technical position.

Focus also on your body language

The way you are sitting in the chair, how much you gesticulate if you cross your arms, and how much you lean onto the desk. All these little things are a subconscious message to our brains. Do your best to sit straight, not over gesticulate and never cross your arms!


Don't forget that there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to interviewing for jobs! There is so much research behind this process, some companies do as many as 50 interviews before they make their hiring decision but all these people invest time because it matters.

Every company wants someone who will not only excel at doing their job well but also fit nicely into company culture, which includes being a good team player and showing enthusiasm about work. If you want to maximize your chances of getting hired, you can read another article to learn more about best practices for tech candidates.

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