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Digitization comes with fantastic business opportunities on the one hand and previously inconceivable vulnerabilities on the other. Rising commercial and societal dependence on technology calls for an improved approach to cybersecurity, which has become a critical matter for organizations. Protect your organization’s data with cybersecurity professionals who will devise a proper information risk management strategy for your organization and improve your company’s data security.

an average weekly number of cyber attacks per organization in Q4 2022 1
billion - projected U.S. government cybersecurity spending in USD in 2023 2
of organizations need more cybersecurity professionals on board 3
of CIOs named cybersecurity one of the most scarce skills 4
Learn the importance of security & risk management

Protect your business from cyber threats with expert support from Maxima

Our certified digital security experts start their assessment process by acquiring a complete understanding of the supported business’s unique requirements to ensure your cyber defenses are intelligence-led, accurate, and systematic. Cyber attacks are not all - cyber risk comes in many shapes and forms, including accidental leaks and power outages.

Maxima’s cybersecurity professionals support companies by analyzing the probability of various cyber risks and classifying threats. Then, they determine the most advantageous ways of responding to identified security risks in access management, processes, infrastructure, and applications in order to ensure optimal risk reduction.

Our cyber risk recommendations are based on a thorough recognition of how your business currently understands, measures, tolerates, and reports potentially dangerous incidents. Proposed risk management programs are designed to improve upon existing solutions, support mitigation, and allow for risk reduction to a level your organization finds acceptable.

Maxima Consulting’s specialists follow the NIST risk management framework guidelines in order to maximize your risk avoidance and optimize your response to threats. NIST framework allows them to identify cyber risks, prevent incidents, detect cyber threats when they happen, respond to them appropriately, and enable quick and complete recovery.

To meet your customers’ expectations and avoid the reputational damage cybersecurity accidents may provoke, our information security experts perform an ongoing process of risk assessment and other perpetual cybersecurity activities to protect your organization’s sensitive data and systems from any internal and external threats.

Cybersecurity risks are different for every company, so there’s always a need to adjust the risk management strategy to a given organization’s current specific needs. Effective and dependable risk management programs are usually based on CIA (Confidentiality Integrity Availability)

Learn how to implement a dependable cybersecurity strategy

All you need to know about NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Stay protected with a risk management framework that provides a set of industry standards, guidelines, and practices that guide organizations seeking to reduce their cybersecurity risk all over the world.

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Discover five functions of the risk management framework we use

Maxima’s approach to cybersecurity explained

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive and effective risk management program. Cybersecurity risks vary from organization to organization and are bound to change over time. Companies willing to be thoroughly protected must routinely adjust their processes and strategies to reflect their ever-changing needs. To combat cyber risk effectively, our information security experts continuously identify weak points, monitor and improve data security, detect incidents, respond to emergencies, and enable quick and painless recovery when required.

The CIA Triad three vital elements of InfoSec

Every effective IT security strategy includes three key features: confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA).


Ensures that only correctly authorized users can access and modify given data.


Measures establish ways of data protection and recovery.


Enables access to information whenever (and sometimes wherever) it is needed.

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