AppZ Platform for Easier Cloud Infrastructure Management

Maxima’s AppZ is a low-touch cloud platform created to support organizations big and small in automating their DevOps and SysAdmin tasks. Companies utilize our groundbreaking cloud computing software to design and manage their cloud infrastructure solutions and easily leverage cloud advantages. AppZ is a software solution based on predefined stacks, which results in fast and reliable cloud migration and application deployment.

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Fasten your delivery processes. AppZ automates repetitive tasks, which results in reducing the amount of work needed to manage your cloud infrastructure solutions.

Boost customer satisfaction. The platform enables your teams to leverage cloud computing benefits, easily respond to requests, and fix issues quickly.

Say goodbye to system downtime. AppZ is available 24/7/365 and designed to support your organization in making your systems continuously available.

Reduce costs of ownership. With AppZ, you can utilize predefined stacks to reduce various cloud migration, deployment, and post-deployment expenditures.

Lessen the amount of manual work. End-to-end automation streamlines your organization’s operations and reduces the risk of human-made mistakes.

Improve your security and compliance. Our cloud solution controls access to systems, data, and keys. As a result, it limits the need for human intervention.

Out-of-the-box solution, batteries included

Leverage the benefits of leading open-source software and enjoy hands-on support for application onboarding, integration, and maintenance from Maxima’s experienced cloud solutions consultants.

Automate application and infrastructure deployments
Deliver software in minutes
Reduce the risk of committing manual mistakes
Cut the migration costs by 50-70%
Reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 30%
Improve security and compliance
Simplify the process of Disaster Recovery

Our Lowtouch Cloud Platform Services include:

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AppZ software release process explained

Source Control

A vendor recruits and onboards your new team of experts, secure the premises and equipment, and takes care of all the formalities.

AppZ GitOps Engine

When code changes are committed in the source control system, it alerts AppZ Engine. The AppZ engine pulls the code, then validates, builds, tests, scans, signs, and pushes it to a repo. Then, the engine triggers the approval workflow (if one is configured).

Workflow Manager

Approvers receive emails with details of the change, build, deployment, etc. They can either approve or reject the changes made.

Deployment Manager

Once the deployment is approved, the deployment manager takes the image and deploys it to the set target environment. Deployments are configured to re-create, rolling-update, or blue-green (based on customer requirements).

Monitor (dashboard)

Once deployed, the operations team can monitor the server parameters, performance, and logs from the AppZ dashboard.
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What can AppZ Cloud Platform do for your organization?

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Infrastructure automation

Automate provisioning, compliance, and management of your IT infrastructure thanks to built-in templates. With hundreds of available building blocks, your engineering teams can start developing using their favorite stacks in minutes.

Security automation

With AppZ, your team can protect sensitive data and automate a significant part of your security. All of the stacks are scanned at build-time and daily to minimize any risks of potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

Application automation

After deploying applications, you can safely iterate thanks to progressive delivery and integrated security. The stacks will detect and fix issues automatically. If not, alerts will be triggered. AppZ enables applications to grow and shrink with built-in clustering, replication, HA & DR


AppZ dashboard provides a single pane of glass with features like analytical view, incident management, alerts, logs, audit trails, billing, and cost projections. Operations monitoring is enabled by close to real-time log collection for all applications deployed by AppZ Low Touch Cloud

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